Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Writer WORDshop again

Having fun meeting with my local writing friends to study and share poetry. We are gathering every other week for a short lesson, and today we wrote some Minute Poems. The structure is thus: first line has 8 syllables and rhymes with line #2 which has 4 syllables then comes line #3 and #4 both with 4 syllables and they rhyme. Etc. A challenge but fun-first we clustered or brainstormed a topic SUMMER HEAT. It's only 108 degrees right now. Then we proceeded to write a poem to share with each other. Here's mine:


Hot desert heat, never ending.
We are dripping
sweat like water,
drying faster.

Will relief ever come to us?
Monsoon-like gusts
promise showers
for dry flowers.

But no delivery's in sight
even at night.
Day follows day,
then RAIN. Oh yah!


  1. Cute, I like it. I've never been able to write a poem. Tried several times and they all stink.

  2. The poem is perfect for this time of year! We are still experiencing humidity, going into its third week. But its getting less and less each day.

  3. Oh that sounds confusing! I used to write poetry in schook and for some reason fell away from it.

  4. Bring, bring, bring on the rain!

    These are great, Lin!

  5. We've got a whole lot of Kona weather headed our way... hot and humid. I'm not looking forward to it.

  6. Perfect for the weather we have been having especially the drippy part...