Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Goodbye JULY!

Wow was that a fast month. Here's a poem I wrote to celebrate changes. It's cooling off in the early mornings and the sun is rising later. Seasons of our lives contain other symbolisms too.

A long hot summer,
sizzling temperatures drain,
humidity saps my soul.
Never ending heat,
welcome at first after
a cold winter and brief spring.
Bright yellow leaves signal
changing seasons––autumn.
A cool breeze rushes by,
chills me as I bask
in sunshine, summer is going.
Doesn't ask permission.
only slips away like a guilty lover
unwilling to face the music.
Hiding behind a facade of integrity
until that, too, gives way.
Leaves fall, truth lies naked
as trees in winter.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Farmer's Market

Last Saturday we went to the local farmer's market
to get some REAL tomatoes that are tasty. We arrived
about 9 am and the veggies were picked over.
Did manage to get a few RED TOMATOES
and are enjoying their real flavor. The ones you buy
in the grocery store are so hard and UNRIPE!

We walked around the booths and I liked this display 
of jewelry handmade although I didn't buy any.

I love the way she had used a flowering TREE to display
her goods. We talked about how difficult it to sell things
you make or create. I talked to another woman who
had her book for sale and considered maybe selling mine.
But it's too much work for too little profit. Did sell one
through paypal for a new contact through!
She's a divorce lawyer and wanted my book for a client.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Article #254 Brainwashing or Teaching?

 I don’t like the word BRAINWASHING. It is a forceful method of trying to control others through coercive persuasion, influence, manipulation, etc. Fear of violence to self or rejection can certainly motivate one to adapt others’ professed beliefs and behavior. Many cults or terrorist groups practice this type of MIND or thought CONTROL. Few families use this mode of operation, teaching by fear of punishment or rejection. They hopefully teach with quiet example, love and integrity to their professed beliefs or lifestyle.

Being a religious person who has tried to raise my children to believe in a higher power, some individuals have suggested that I'm brainwashing my children. While these same people see themselves as being in a freedom mode teaching their offspring that there is no one in charge of the universe, that life began through random unplanned events––a big bang. I don’t think that EITHER of us is brainwashing our family members, but only teaching them our own traditions and beliefs. Children when they are grown will make their own judgments on what religion or philosophy to follow or not follow. Although, we are certainly influenced by other’s examples and our own upbringing.

To teach nothing is not the answer. Leaving the child to their own resources, doesn’t solve the problem. A child needs security and meaning in their lives which generally comes from the parents or in some cases grandparents or other extended family members. Although, we do need to honor stewardships lines of who is responsible for teaching the child. Conformity is not family unity. There needs to be space for individuals within a family to explore different life styles without upsetting the family galaxy or leading to guilt feelings on anyone’s part. Agreeing to disagree is an important principle is this case.

Not taking others rejection of your life style personally is easier said than done, but it’s important to teach that EACH person is responsible for how they live their life as an adult in a positive way and not just continuing to rebel against family or society norms without thought. It ultimately comes down to the question of what to teach our children to help them develop into fully functioning, loving responsible adults. To ask is to teach, to tell is to preach is a great standard to measure our teaching techniques. NEXT TIME: Standards of Behavior 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Book and Boat Progress Reports

A new friend from has blogged about my book.
See Amy Freeman's comments  here.

THIS author is the "loving" kind. Her work is so uplifting, 
even when the topics are difficult. Lin Floyd writes about life;
life experiences, life with family and many ways to overcome
life's greatest challenges. Her latest book is about overcoming divorce.

This isn't just a self help book. This is a work book. 
helping a person truly work through what they are experiencing
and facilitates healing.. It engages the reader,  Lin has other
wonderful books as well, all family and life themes.
Hop on over to Lin's blog to admire her work. She is wonderful.

Hubby Allen alias Noah is still working on the wooden boat. 
It's taking about a month to put on each layer of strakes. 
Carefully and accurately measured before gluing. 
Here is Allen showing a friend the boat.

Slowly but surely-it will be another year before done.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Legacy of Ancestors

Of my sixteen second great grandparents only three were not Mormon converts. They came from many areas of the world mostly England, but also Scotland, Iceland, Ireland, France, and Germany. Because of their conversion to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints by early missionaries sent abroad to gather the flock, they ended up in Utah. I'm proud of my legacy as a descendent of Mormon pioneers. I have a testimony of the truthfulness of this church that claims to be the restored church of Jesus Christ as administered in His day and as described in the Bible with a prophet, apostles and priesthood authority.

Click the chart above to make it larger, those with * were not early Mormon converts. You too can make a free fan chart easily like the one above at Just register, then link up with your deceased ancestors. You may find photos and stories about your ancestors there also. Ask me, if you need help with this.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pioneer Day in Utah

Today's a unique holiday just for Utahans;
we celebrate July 24, 1847 Pioneer Day
when the first wagon train of Mormons persecuted,
driven from their Nauvoo, Illinois homes,
arrived in the barren Salt Lake Basin.

They were finally safe from their enemies
who had martyred their prophet Joseph Smith,
burned their homes and persecuted them
for their religious faith and unique beliefs.
Safety and distance now separated them.

Spread across the wide prairies, living
in makeshift homes, dugouts and wagons,
they were free from fear for awhile.
Here outside the United States territory,
they would make their homes, build temples.

The first wagon train was lead by the new
prophet Brigham Young who pronounced
This the right place, drive on, when seeing
the Salt Lake valley from his wagon.
Soon crops were planted for sustenance,

a fort built for protection from Indians.
Other Latter-day Saints in Nebraska,
Iowa and Illinois were requested to come
build Zion-a place of peace and rest
that would eventually become Utah state.

I am here because of those pioneers,
my pioneers on both sides of my family
who believed, sacrificed and made a home
here in the Rocky Mountains and sagebrushed
red rock hills of my beloved homeland UTAH.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Navigating Marketing

Well, I'm on the JOURNEY of exploring ways to sell my book. Must say it's easier to write a book than market it unless you have a publisher ready to gobble up your latest work of love and place it in bookstores. Being my fifth self published book in the last five years, you think I'd be used to the routine. Get the idea, write the book, edit the book, publish the book, try to market the book to regain your expenses. Never getting rich, just hoping to break!

The marketing part is the CHALLENGE. Trying but not really sure how to make this work-although I have around 500 new friends-also writers who now know about my book. Misery loves company? Thinking of making this book an Amazon e-book as they seem to sell faster. Also could sent queries to publishers, but I've done that before with my other books. I don't handle rejection well. Trying to attend local fairs and conferences to sell my book. Doing local press releases, blogs, interviews, bookmarks, posters, etc. Maybe I should just give my books away and get on with my life. Just thinking out loud here.

Have sold four of my fifty printed copies to students in my latest class entitled BECOME YOUR BEST YOU: Find Your Voice. I did a blog interview, but no one came to read or comment on it. Thinking about PININTEREST but not sure I want to open up all my Facebook contacts to them. Any suggestions out there? Would you like to buy a cool writing workbook for someone you know who is dealing with the heartbreak of divorce and needs some specific guides in healing and recovery? Only $15 plus postage. Leave a comment or go to PAYPAL and order today. You'll make my day!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Article #253 Not Knowing

             No one knows what the future will hold. You could be struck by lightning while standing outside your front door or hit by a texting driver during your morning walk or have a sudden heart attack in your sleep. There is not a detailed road map for each person’s life. With only a general outline in mind, you are in charge of determining how you react to what happens and goals that you make. This NOT KNOWING situation should/could motivate you to make a life plan. That’s the part that you can control. Making goals can guide you to live a more productive life.
            If you are retired, you’ve probably looked forward to this time for many years, but without careful planning (a road map/goals to follow), it won’t happen. You have to make sure you invest or save money towards this time of your life plus take good care of your physical health. My husband always wanted to find a retirement homestead: 5-10 acres out of the city in a rural area with irrigation water rights, room to garden and plant an orchard, and become self sustaining. Instead, he ended up living in the city of St. George to keep his wife happy. End of story?
            No, the dream persists and the opportunity may present itself to buy some land where he can accomplish his dream of homesteading part of the year. He could become one of those lucky SNOWBIRDS who live in St. George during our pleasant winters and somewhere else during our hot sizzling summers when few want to be living here. Sometimes dreams have to be COMPROMISED to keep each partner happy and still achieve the goals or destinations you both had in mind. Synergy!
            Another friend of mine is always saying, I know there is some disease out there with my name on it. Well, that kind of thinking does you absolutely no good. None of us knows how or when we will leave this life. I’m sure my healthy twenty-nine year old father was shocked when he suddenly departed this life as the result of an airplane accident. The point is to PLAN as though you’ll live forever and hold fast to your DREAMS. They can guide you to happiness even if you don’t know how long you’ll live. Find your passion in life and pursue it with enthusiasm. You only have one go at this journey called "life." NEXT TIME: Brainwashing or Teaching.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Buy your copy now...

Current statistics predict that one out of every two marriages will one day end in divorce. Every family is touched by the devastation that divorce can bring. Award winning author Lin Floyd’s latest book Discover Your Voice After Divorce: Writing Workbook for Healing and Recovery is now available for those who find themselves in this unfortunate situation. This 100 page workbook helps the reader make the journey of self discovery that comes from expressing emotions through guided questions and journaling. Floyd, a divorced school librarian now remarried, writes candidly about emotions after divorce, and refines the self-help process of grieving after this loss for BOTH men and women.  
Interesting how divorce changes so many relations with the in-laws also.
The parents of this happy couple (me and my first husband) are long gone.
Take the challenge to reclaim your voice or authentic self by writing honestly about your experiences. Enjoy Floyd’s original free verse poetry as she invites you to recovery and healing. Donʼt miss this opportunity to begin a more joyful, creative life filled with hope. Workbook available from the author for $15 each or two for $25. I'm sure you know someone who could use this material in the process of healing. Fifty copies available in first printing. Order through paypal or contact lin at sunrivertoday dot com.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013



Project completed, manuscript at the press.
Now begins the important part:
marketing-shouting to the world
the birth of new ideas
to tantalize imaginations,
bring comfort to broken hearts.

How to announce this news?
Open my mouth––let my VOICE
be heard through advertising
promoting, celebrating
the arrival of my latest book
Discover Your Voice After Divorce.

A work of love, the voice of experience
reaching out in prose and poetry
with guided questions to bring healing,
recovery to broken hearts
disillusioned by breakups, separations
devastating divorces and other losses.

Writing about destruction of dreams,
family members divided
never to be unified in this life.
Time for making new plans
going forward, risking again,
finding hope admid despair.

Forgiving, beginning over
believing, understanding
the necessity of growing times.
Looking back to learn,
going forward with courage
to new beginnings and trusting. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

BOOK LAUNCH-Discover Your Voice After Divorce

Now available for $15 (plus $5 postage if mailed) 
through Paypal or contact author 435 (628-8522).
A Writing Workbook with guided questions for healing
and recovery from divorce or other losses.
See my blog interview about the book.

(for men and women)
  • What is Voice? Each of Us is Unique
  • Inner Voices-Silence Your Critics
  • Using Words-Power of Thoughts and Emotions
  • Journaling-Just the Beginning
  • Healing and Recovery-It's a Grieving Process
  • New Dreams-Anything is Possible
  • Fill Your Well-Make Time For You
  • Youth Worries-Am I At Fault?
  • Risking Again-Use Your Voice
  • Safety Zone-Expect Opposition
  • Act Don't React-Be an Observer
  • Finding Hope-Don't Give Up

Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Birthday to Remember...

Hubby took me out shopping for a shoulder bag for my
NEW  Mac Air LAPTOP that Daniel's family gave me!
Also got some software and lessons setup at Simply Mac.
With phone calls from family and multiple birthday
greetings on Facebook, it was a great birthday!

Had soup and salad at Olive Garden with Allen for lunch,
 then off to our favorite Anasazi Steakhouse for fondu
 and steaks with our neighbors on the right: Wanda and Rick.

Next we played a fun game of Mexican Train dominoes
on their patio in the cooled air from our sudden monsoons. 

Wanda is an award winning quilter.

Each of her quilts is different and so creative.

Laying on the floor, this quilt is called Kaleidoscope
and will be a wall hanging for her son's family.

Love her Southwestern decor and hangings.

Wanda is her quilting room shows me her next project.

For the grandkids, an elephant pattern with fabric from Africa!

Lovely quilt pieces are everywhere.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Article #252 Looking Forward

             Most individuals are looking FORWARD to graduation day or getting married or starting a family and/or eventually retiring from a career. Suddenly, you find yourself there in the FUTURE. Then of course, you start to look BACK to earlier times when the kids were still at home or you had to go to work every day, felt more needed or were younger, healthier, etc.
            Whatever happened to the PRESENT moment in your life? NOW today, this hour and this moment? How can you make it your happiest, most fulfilling time? It won’t happen by looking back OR forward to better times, but by focusing on TODAY. Filling yourself with GRATITUDE for another day on earth breathing fresh air, being alive and hopefully mobile, having a family that though imperfect is yours to love!
            It’s important to leave a LEGACY for your family with your daily EXAMPLE of gratitude and optimism. No one enjoys relating to a crabby old parent or pessimistic grandparent. Make it a daily CHALLENGE that if a critical or negative remark comes from your mouth to promptly follow it up with two positive remarks about the same subject. Example: Oh no, it’s going to be over 110 degrees today BUT say instead (1) Aren’t we fortunate to have air conditioning and electricity to keep us cool AND (2) This summer heat is part of our high desert climate that gives us wonderful warm winters. Try it today. It will do you good and be a model of behavior for your descendents to follow.
            As you find things in your life to be positive about and become interested in your child or grandchild’s world, you may discover a special teaching moment to share with them some special hobby. By trying to live in the NOW moment, your life can become more meaningful and memorable. On a recent trip to visit family, I was feeling badly that a grandchild was playing computer games. Then I thought to myself…Well you are here, isn’t there something you can suggest to do TOGETHER that could make this a better time? I was able to interest this grandchild in some family history books I had brought to share. We ended up tracing his family tree on the Internet at, a free family history website. If you are dissatisfied with your life, look no further than WITHIN to make necessary changes. NEXT TIME: Not Knowing.  

Friday, July 12, 2013

Happy Birthday #73 to ME!

Amazing how fast the year passes even as I continue my seventies.

Looking back, my happiest times were with my family as a child,
growing up, starting my own family and giving birth to my sons.
Then add daughter-in-laws and grandchildren the icing on the cake.
Thanks for my family and friends for sharing the JOURNEY called LIFE,
and for my companion of the last 21 years-my husband ALLEN.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Waiting and Patience

Everything eventually comes to those who WAIT
patiently, not losing HOPE and quieting those inner
negative voices that TRY to take over our thoughts.

Still waiting for my latest BOOK to be printed,
but TIME has improved its quality. New ideas
are coming for marketing and OPPORTUNITIES.

What are you waiting for? SUMMER
to be over, to WIN the lottery, to LOSE
ten pounds? Time to get BUSY!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Helping Others...

Today I had the opportunity to help my Mormon church women's group THE RELIEF SOCIETY put together 200 humanitarian kits of toothbrushes, tooth paste, soap, hand towels and combs for our local school district to give out to needy families. It's amazing to consider that some families don't have enough funds for such basic hygiene kits. Our motto is Charity Never Faileth.

Last night I was invited to a Senior Retirement Living center to present some ideas on writing your life story to leave a legacy. I was amazed that so many of those attending didn't feel their life was important enough to anyone in their family to write about. I tried to point out how important family relationships are and especially among the generations. Grandparents are here for a specific purpose. I know mine were so important in my life especially after my father was killed in an airplane accident when I was only 5 years old. Despite each of our weaknesses, we do matter and influence one another within our families. That's what my writing books and columns is all about.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Wildlife Museum

A guided tour and binoculars for the kiddos.

Very realistic stuffed animal skins from the world.

You wander through the museum on different levels.

Experience wildlife in different climates.

Looks like a St. George crow!

Mama skunk and babies, we have them here also.

Mountain goats love climbing on rocks.

African animals, different kinds of zebras.

Want to ride a camel?

Lovely butterfly collections.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Grandson's visit

My son Daniel brought his two sons Nathan and James
for a grandma visit in HOT St. George

We had fun doing puzzles indoor with lots of helpers.

Drawing times, two very creative artists!

A fun time like I used to have with my grandma.

All done says James, we did it! Time to go swimming...
at Sunriver's Community Center pool.

Off to Golden Corral for steak, mac n cheese
plus cotton candy for desserts! James and Daddy.

Grandma and Nathan eating away...all you can eat!

The boys enjoy the city park with its running water.

Time for a carousel ride in the park.

Having fun as a family!

Sunset, coolness and the St. George temple.
(Photo by Daniel)