Thursday, September 28, 2017

Ride in the Countryside

Road to Gunlock, Utah on a stormy cool Fall day
Enterprise reservoir full of water
Sunflower season is here!
Love the red rock stark beauty everywhere
This tree tells its life story
Redrocks everywhere contrast with the green vegetation
Layer upon layer plus different minerals bring out a rainbow of colors
Lots of trails available to explore these rocky mountains
Ivins area and Kayenta
Veyo volcano lies sleeping
View back to Gunlock from Veyo
Note the black volcanic rocks everywhere

Thursday, September 21, 2017


You can tell from my lack of posts that life has sped up for me, but it's all good stuff. Today I got the opportunity of speaking for an upcoming Creative Aging Conference at Dixie State University Oct 12-14. Last year I attended the first annual conference and found it very interesting with lots of classes for us elderly people to improve our lives with art, exercise, therapy, etc., but no writing or poetry activities. So, I suggested that they include the literary arts, but when the schedule came out for this year-there were no poetry classes. Guess what-I got asked to teach one. Serendipity-there was one unfilled time spot. Also found a new unused photo of me from a few years back for the program that I like-see above. So I'll be teaching:
WORDS CAN HEAL: DISCOVER YOUR CREATIVE VOICE-Do you long to rekindle the desire to express yourself, discover who you really are and free your spirit to fly to new heights? Learn how to explore your inner voice through Morning Pages (Julia Cameron free association journaling) and then create a collection of words to play with using free verse poetry. It’s easy, fun and fulfilling.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Another week rushing by...

Had a fun RS luncheon and discussion/lecture on how to avoid scams necessary in the world we live in...Thanks to all who worked so hard to bring together this fun time and great taco salads and yummy desserts.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Returning from Utah Valley

Made a quick trip up north, flew to SLC then rented a car to visit some cousins and family in Utah Valley.
Flying over the Great Salt Lake which is quite empty except for salt ponds

Meeting my cousins from California: Mimi and Doug with my aunt Ethel in ctr.
Enjoying a family visit...
Visiting my 97 year old aunt Ethel (center) in Genola, my cousin Mmi is on the right

Ethel lives in the country at the south end of Utah LAke

By the side of her garage
 It's Sunflower time in Utah

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Time is FLYING BY....

Month after month, new projects appear to engage my interests. Trips beckon as I head north this weekend to SLC to visit cousins. Then later in October going to Texas for hubby's 55th reunion and he asks where did the time go?'s made up of those tiny inconsequential moments that fill each day from the moment I arise then journal, walk, curl hair, listen to scriptures on tape, make breakfast, go grocery shopping then off to a Doctor's appointment. and lunch with hubby. Some activities I just can't fit into this day-are a Tai Chi class, a temple session but I will make more meals, plan classes I'll be teaching, organize plans for the weekend, etc. etc. etc. Oh yes, then there was the critter that dug up part of our back lawn last night. Had to investigate that and fix the diggings. Probably looking for grubs. Tell us about your day so far...

Friday, September 1, 2017

Welcome to SEPTEMBER-Goodbye AUGUST

The calendar turns over to a new month.
Goodbye to August and a hot hot summer,
welcome to September followed by
fall at last and welcome to cooling temperatures.

School has begun again for many not me,
family vacations are almost over after 
Labor Day's holiday as our sun moves 
further to the South, we will travel to Texas.

Sunrise comes later each day as
sunset arrives sooner in the evenings.
The sun is less intense as harvest time 
comes with its welcome succulent fruits.

Rewards for planting, tending and waiting 
for results patiently come to many
as we try to forget that cold winter days
are too soon to arrive and send us indoors.

What life season are you moving through
at this time? Some older people like me
would say winter, but inside my spirit remains 
young though I am ready for fall's harvest.