Wednesday, May 27, 2020


Now 22 years old, Heather and Emilee who just got married. Amazing how fast they grow up but the memories of being part of their life remains in my heart and captured in photos. I was so excited to finally be a grandma at age 58. My own paternal grandmother was 40 when I her first grand child was born and she didn't want to be called Grandma but Auntie instead because it made her feel younger. But I was ready to be a Grandma and be part of their lives. Now I have 7 grandchildren-4 boys and 3 girls and the youngest is 8 so they are all growing up quickly. Click to enlarge photo collages.

Monday, May 25, 2020


I miss not continuing our family tradition of visiting family gravesites and decorating with flowers. Was so happy to hear that my son Daniel took some of his family to visit local cemeteries in their area. I live too far away to make it yearly now and also we elderly people are still quarantined. Won't be too many years until we can graduate from this life's experiences and be with our love ones departed so long ago some of them. My dad died 75 years ago and my mom 13 years ago. My maternal grandmother in 1967 and my paternal grandfather in 1975 and my other grandmother in 1988. I remember my grandparents well but my grand children never knew them except for the twins below and their great grandma Nana.

My mother Evelyn + her twin grand daughters Heather and Emilee now 22 yrs old

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Where is TIME GOING?

It seems like the days fly by and soon its another week then another month and we are still in lockdown or asked to stay home. Although our state Utah has just loosened up a bit from the Corona Virus prevention plan. We have moved from RED stage to we can do a little more actually go out to eat and dine in, etc. but it feels unreal wearing a mask and worrying about others you meet while keeping up social distancing of 6 feet apart. Hubby and I are doing lots of cleanup work in our yard and it is looking better. Enjoying our crop of fresh strawberries and our favorite breakfast meal of yogurt and fruit. This was a busy past week with an eye doctor appointment, beauty salon treatment, and time with my best friend Caryn at her place.

how fun to pick them fresh and ripe from our garden

Smashing the berries with a fork we add our favorite yogurt

The creamiest yogurt and no sugar added

Then add fresh blueberries, splenda and walnuts...Yummy!

Finally got together with my friend Caryn after two months... 

She has a gorgeous waterfall in her back patio-FUN!

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Looking Back at Mother's Day

This will be my first Mother's Day spent at home as we are all quarantined in our homes with no Church services to be held or families visiting...a good time to reflect back on all the blessings that families and parenting brings into our lives.  I remember as a little girl always looking forward to that day when I would marry and have a family of my own. Being raised by a widowed mom since I was only 5 years old, I didn't realize all the challenges that brought to her. I honor my mom for her strength and courage to go forward and support me in growing up.

I honor my maternal grandmother a widow also, who raised 5 children alone  and my paternal grandmother who was always there for her family laboring daily to feed, clothe and support her children, and all the other mothers going forward and back in our family who have embraced this god given role for women. Also those who wanted to be mothers and couldn't, and those who chose to give their children up for adoption. May we all realize the important roles we as women give to the world.

Paternal grandparents standing, seated maternal grandmother

Me as single mom with 3 sons and my widowed grandma Vernon

My fourth and last son Jeffrey born when I was 42 is a blessing to me.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Wednesday again-still working on the yard

when we aren't playing card games, reading, watching tv, or on the computer. Our big event each week is shopping for food. Although today hubby is shopping for irrigation parts to fix our drip line. Seems one thing leads to another-he trimmed then dug up a tree's roots then found a leak then has a repair job to do. It saves us money to fix our own. Thankful hubby is willing to do the repairs and it gives him something to do...

No pruning but they grew anyway...

In our neighborhood, beautiful cactus blooms

In our front yard, rose bushes everywhere
Love the colors on these roses