Friday, March 30, 2018

Happy Easter, this weekend hear the word of God

from living prophets as Mormons worldwide come together for their conference to sustain our new prophet Pres. Russell M. Nelson.    Time to recall what Easter is all about. Click for an inspirational video: Change is possible. 

Monday, March 26, 2018

Recommended movie WONDER

Just watched a great movie WONDER starring Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson as parents to Aggie played by Jacob Tremblay a very talented young boy who underwent 2 hours of makeup each day to portray a handicapped young boy with facial disfiguring that causes the kids at school to make fun of him and bully him. A very sweet sensitive film that was believable because of the excellent actors and the message about BULLYING that is so destructive to all. At the end of the film the message was to BE KIND and realize that we all carry burdens and cares that can't always be seen.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Glorious weather

Spring is here, 72 degrees, a light rain last night, trees blossoming, clouds dancing across the sky, AND we felt well enough for a drive through Gunlock and Veyo.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Welcome SPRING....

I'm ready for new experiences, regaining old strength that got lost somewhere in the battle the last two weeks with the FLU BUG or whatever is out attacking everyone. Trying to SIMPLIFY my life, do less and enjoy it more. As I look around my cluttered home, I know that I can only neglect it so long then I''ll have to DIG MYSELF out of the CHAOS and BRING ORDER back into my life. Just SIMPLE THINGS like shopping for food, planning meals, then cooking them is EXHAUSTING. We certainly take for granted––little blessings like STRENGTH for daily chores- washing clothes, etc. Don't know how I did it years ago as a single mother mostly with a full time job and sons to raise but I was YOUNGER then...this summer I turn 78!

So happy that SPRING is SPRUNGING, if that's a word.  Even our peach tree is blooming again-promises of fruit and better times for those who are patient...Happy that winter is over though it was mild this  year in our high desert country, only one little snow storm and it soon melted. Love SUNSHINE and warm days.

Monday, March 12, 2018


Not sure what the flu bug looks like but I know what it feels like.  After avoiding getting the BUG for decades, it found me last week just as I started to direct Poetry in the Park. What a challenging weekend and week following. As I never get a flu shot, I'm wondering if maybe I need to change that tradition. I had the flu without the stomach distress part just fever, headache, sore throat, coughing and all that good stuff plus ZERO ENERGY which continues today 10 days later. 

Just made my first trip to the GROCERY STORE to find some food that seems edible. I think that's the worse part of being sick and especially when your normally healthy spouse is sick too. Who is going to nurse who or do we just ignore each other and try to sleep it off? I'm hopingwe are on the tail end of this experience for this year. I cancelled everything on my schedule last week except for trying to teach Sunday School yesterday and that was a mistake with little to no energy I was a pathetic teacher but made it through my 3 hour block of meetings. So now this week I'm adding a few activities that are unavoidable-grocery shopping and eye doctor appt. SPRING MAY HAVE SPRUNG at least day light savings time, but I'm on another planet.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Poetry in the Park #9

Survived a busy weekend at Zion Park with our annual poetry activities in the park. weather was cool but sunny. Good teachers and a nice break except I caught a cold or flu bug and am now recuperating at home exhausted, congested, head stuffed and just wanting to hibernate...
Zion Park's beauty in every direction from Springdale, Utah

Poets going on a nature hike

 It's perfect weather for a walk in the park...

Poets being inspired by our guest poet Shanan Ballam from USU...