Sunday, May 29, 2016


It's been several years since I was able to take a photo of myself with my seven grandkids in one place. Here we are!

L-R: Hakan, Emilee, Lorien, Eddie, Nathan, in front: James and Heather
Uncle Dan with the youngest kiddos: Eddie age 4 and Lorien age 6.5
James loves to cook and is making pancakes for the family while Uncle Frank helps
The cooks, we even had thick bacon made on the outdoor grill-yummy
Heather and Eddie eat pancakes and watermelon for brunch!
The pancakes were a big hit and enjoyed by all.
James is a serious cook and loves to make new recipes. Hakan also cooks.
Eddie has Doctor Spock eyebrows and is a real cutie.
Lorien keeps busy trying to blow up water balloons for the swimmers.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Day before the Birthday/Graduation time...

Driving north on the other side of Utah Lake
That's Mt. Timpanogos in the distance.
Working on their art abilities and hobbies
Emilee holds her cap and gown-they had to buy them.

Emilee fixes Heather hair in braids...
Tomorrow is the day!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Happy 18th BIRTHDAY to the twins

On May 27, the twins will have their 18th birthday AND graduate from HIGH SCHOOL. Amazing where the time went. They plan to go to college. Emilee will go to BYU-Idaho and Heather will attend Snow College in Ephraim, Utah. CONGRATULATIONS to all and especially their parents: Daniel and Tina.

Saturday, May 21, 2016


Been watching this nest for weeks actually month or so while it was being built, then while the mama robin sat on the next THEN today three little beaks appeared so the eggs have hatched. Click to enlarge photos.

They are alive and hungry, mama has gone to look for bugs!
After feeding them, mama rest on top of them, look at those eyes.
Always wanting food, never time to rest-it's triplets!
Where daddy bird when I need him?
Look at those eyes, aren't they ugly but yet cute?

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Is it SUMMERTIME already?

With temps in the 90s and our strawberries blooming, it feels like summertime. Also Caryn will soon be driving home as the SNOWBIRDS leave our area when the heat starts.

These strawberries are ever bearing, no upkeep...
Tasty little tidbits we share with a few birds and snails.
Roses are still blooming like crazy here in our desert climate.
Snapdragons return from seed and our berries and grapes are growing
Visiting Caryn-these are her necklaces and earrings!
Thrift store shopping for maybe the last time this spring...
Making fun jeweled bookmarks with embroidery thread.
Lots of colors and beads to choose from.
I made a dragonfly bookmark, almost finished...

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Benches...summer projects

hubby working on restoring an old weathered bench for the front patio
afterwards, shining wood all sanded and stained, now the metal oould use some paint
Remeber the sapce where the pampas grass was, now it's a quiet cool reading area.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

DUP Jubilee

Closing social for Daughters of Utah Pioneer sCompany
Officers of our company which includes six different DUP camps
l-r-Company President Jerri Francis and Camp Captain Karen Camp
Special musical number by the Sunflower camp
Making pioneer cloth dolls in a group setting
Pioneers made do with simply things, not store bought...
We rotated between three different groups.
Here we learned how to make butter from cream by shaking it
Shake cream for 6-7 minutes, add a little salt and you have butter-tasty!
Then spread it on bread-so yummy. All you need is a cow!
Playing pioneer games-Button button, who has the button?
Cat's cradle Sherilyn and I did a good job of figuring it out.
Button button who has the button is a simple game but fun.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Blooming Desert Beauty

Caryn is soon leaving for Northern Utah and coolness but we have a few more times to explore the beauties of the St. George Area.

Red Hills Desert Garden is a free area to explore and walk around.

With native plants, shrubs and trees it looks familiar!
Every color flower you could think of is blooming now in our spring
This is a strange looking flower that I don't remember the name.
Red and yellow yuccas are in full bloom everywhere+in our yard too.
Interesting gopher plant with shades of green leaves.
This cactus will have a lovely bloom in a few days.
Caryn with her new hairdo/color looks out over St. George. 
More yucca blooms in our red rock  paradise!
Purple blooms are common in our area with bright yellow centers.
Cherry colored blooms with contrasting yellow centers wave goodbye.