Saturday, February 29, 2020


This is their 4th year, 2 years ago I taught a class on Creative Journaling
Here I am with my Poetry display at the Conference
Fascinating lectures on healing qualities of the arts in our lives

I went to a session on movement exercises for aging senior sitting in chairs

Quite a large group in a fun location DSU's Eccles Theat

It's amazing what the arts-music, drama, dance and more can add to our lives

Friday, February 21, 2020

Branch Party

Tonight we had a fun potato bar dinner and opportunity to get to know each other better by sharing a talent or service with other members of our church. I donated a service of helping someone to edit or write their testimony for their family. Others donated baked goods, rides, lunch together, yard work and all kinds of things. It was fun and an opportunity to get better acquainted.

Theme Go and Do with Love and Service
Tickets were handed out then when your # was called, you came up to choose 
There were over 150 services listed on the hearts on the front wall
A delicious potato bar was served to everyone

Lovely decorations

Friday, February 14, 2020

Happy Valentine's Day

Went to dinner at Anasazi Steak house with another couple-friends of ours, then to their house for dessert and Skipbo card games with lots of visiting.

Almost a selfie, learning lots... 

Sunset on a beautiful warm springlike day.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020


Our Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has a monthly service-social activity for the women in our group and today we enjoyed a fun opportunity to learn of humanitarian needs in our community for homeless, abused and needy families in our area. Then we made some valentines for children who are in need of food over the weekend because their families are dependent on government help with breakfast and lunch meals at school.
The committee who did all the work for a successful activity
About 60 women attended and socialized with each other

Healthy refreshments plus muffins galore

Veggies with dips was a real winner
Making valentines for needy students who get help with food for the weekends
Figuring out how to make valentines was fun.

Lots of valentines going to cheer up someone's life

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Happy Birthday to my oldest son FRANK

Born 54 years ago in Provo Utah while I was teaching dance at BYU, I taught until the day before Frank was born and was back teaching in two weeks. Amazing what youth can do. Frankie was my practice son. Little did I know then that 3 others sons would join our family. I'm proud of his many achievements including graduating from high school and college, serving a mission for our Church in Taiwan, earning a ph.d degree in his chosen profession of helping others in physical therapy and choosing to marry Nedret and have a family with son Hakan. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many more.

Hakan, son of Frank V on right
The family: Frank V, Nedret and Hakan

The Brothers l-r: Frank V, me, Daniel, Brook in back and Jeffrey

First color TV-Wisconsin 1968

Helpiing in the kitchen, an only child so far

Four generations of Franks: Frank C, Frank S, Frank V and his dad Frank W

Four generations, me, my mom, Grandma Johnson and FV

First car, bought by Grandpa Blomberg in Orem Utah

Best buddy Scott Claflin in high school 
Missionary in Taiwan
Scouting family: brothers l-r: Brook, Daniel, Jeff and Frank

Saturday, February 1, 2020

February PROMISES of Spring to COME

I love the desert landscape's subtle colors
Time for an afternoon drive out to Tuachan and Kayenta