Monday, March 22, 2021


Spent a fun day WINDOW SHOPPING or looking around our favorite "thrift store" in town URBAN RENEWAL. I love to take photos of all the fun used or consigned articles for sale. Imagine how I would use it but ALAS my house is full but it's fun and cheap entertainment...then my BFF Caryn and I had lunch at our favorite Tiffany's Crepe shop. We had delicious French Onion Soup and tasty Turkey bacon, tomato, cheese sandwiches with cranberry mayonnaise and a wonderful shredded carrot salad. No crepes too much sugar but it was fun to just sit and chat without masks on. Below are photos of the stuff for sale we discovered today but didn't' buy. Click to enlarge photos.

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Meet GABBY and her PARENTS

Got permission to post photos of my new and only GREAT GRAND CHILD Gabriella or Gabby as she is  called. Haven't met her in person yet but hope that will happen soon as everyone is getting their vaccinations. Emilee is one of my three grand daughters: her twin Heather and Rory who is now 11 yrs old.

At baby blessing: Daniel the dad, Gabby and Emilee the mom

Happy grandparents Tina and Dan,  Daniel's parents
live in Peru so this gathering was very limited

Busy mom is going to school online and helping hubby

Lots of thick hair to play with one day

She's growing up quickly

Saturday, March 13, 2021


 Up early to study and what do I see outside?

It's still almost dark, what is that white stuff on the lawn?

It's SNOW falling in our high desert climate-amazing!

SURPRISE by Lin Floyd

quiet snow falling
blanketing earth with silence
as early Spring waits

Thursday, March 4, 2021

It's MARCH and I'm back...

I am mostly on FACEBOOK everyday and neglect to update my blog but life goes on. Enjoying feeling more secure now that we've had our second COVID vaccination. I'm ready to go tripping but need to convince my designated driver that it's time. Got a favorite photo I took that didn't win any awards enlarged and framed in an old print that we got with the house 14 years ago. It was TIME FOR A CHANGE! That's how I'm feeling now that SPRING is coming. We've had 72 degree days.

Original print we got with our house sale

My print enlarged and then framed in the same frame as above.

Final product, I love this photo I took of the desert.

Playday after 4 months social isolation-l-r Lin and Caryn

Checking out the newest thrift store in town and the mall

Sales galore-at Maurices $40 blouse for $20!

Fun blouse for $5 at Penneys at the mall! 

Relief Society gathering outside at church just gabbing!