Friday, September 30, 2011

On the way to New Mexico

I love Utah's red rock highways!

Looking back at Monument Valley-an exceptional photo opt!

Monument Valley in Utah is a gorgeous place to take photos

Graceful yet fragile looking

Handmade Indian blanket for sale, price $15,000

Driving by Lake Powell is always fun and scenic

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Article #167 What's Next?

Writing your life story now, no matter what age or stage in life you are in can bring helpful insights. Even if you are facing challenging trials: health, emotional, financial or otherwise, there’s always a silver lining…something to be grateful for: friends who listen and supportive family. Writing your life story is an opportunity to contribute to encouraging others in their journey. (Photo of my grandparents and me in 1962.)

Sharing insights and wisdom acquired in your life can assist your family and friends. I’m now in my 70s and can say as I LOOK BACK, it’s been a wonderful life. Not easy or comfortable at times, but I’ve always felt the hand of the creator guiding my life, answering my prayers, and opening up new possibilities when all seemed bleak. Faith can be a tremendous help in finding purpose in your life.

If your choice is to live without faith, you still have beliefs that have guided your life, family values that molded you into who you are today-a most unique person. It’s time to share your story with others. What would you like your obituary to say, what accomplishments are important in your life? Just marrying and raising a family is of great worth especially in our current society that doesn’t value those fundamentals. It takes commitment, sacrifice and love to go to work each day, and provide a secure home for a family with daily meals, clean clothes, etc. It’s a major accomplishment.

If you haven’t married or raised a family, how have you filled your days? Would you have like to have had a family? What are some questions you wish others would ask you about your accomplishments? Do you have any special hobbies or interests? Now you can ask yourself those questions and make the results a part of your family history.

Start today if you haven’t written your life story or completed this project. If you aren’t comfortable writing about yourself, start with your grandparents or parents and soon you’ll discover you’re writing about your own life. We are all part of one great family. Most friends come and go, but the relationships within our family can last forever. The fact that you were born into a certain family gives you the opportunity to connect and make a difference in others’ lives. Becoming the person you want to be is a challenge and your growth comes in the journey not the destination.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Okay it's about time I list my priorities again.

#1 My physical health-diet, exercise, etc.

#2 Relationships-with family, friends and God

#3 Developing talents and teaching others

Now if I look at my TIME USAGE the order goes something like this

#1 TALENTS-I write many hours of every day. Probably could use use more of that time exercising.
#2 RELATIONSHIPS are important to me, but family is far way-time to travel to connect with them.
#3 PHYSICAL HEALTH-diet, exercise, etc.-I am walking, but not watching and controlling what goes into my mouth enough. I'm gaining back pounds lost in previous months. It's a never ending battle it seems. Time to REPENT again.

How about you? What are your top three PRIORITIES and HOW do you spend your time each day in terms of those items?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Working on a Movie Project

Well, that sounds impressive. Actually it's about time
I learned how to use some of my old Mac software.
I've had I-movie for years, but I've never used it.
So, that's my latest project using some
of my video clips and many photos from my Iceland trip.
Wish me luck. Right now I'm working on the script!
P.S. Decided to take some "one on one" tutoring classes
at the Simply Mac store in town to learn how...

Monday, September 26, 2011

Finding SOLACE

Peace such an elusive quality to find in our crazy world
solitude filled with gratitude and connecting with God
can make all the difference, knowing WHY we are here
puts purpose in daily chaos and seeking for meaning
remembering the beauty of Iceland also helps

Farms in the countryside

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Nedret!

(Family photos from Nedret. Collage by me.)

Time for a birthday collage of my beautiful daughter-in-law Nedret
She could easily be a model but is instead a loving wife and mother,
business woman of imported rugs, gardener, cook, and friend.
We will be visiting with them soon. Fun family times ahead.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Writing friends at League of Utah Writers Roundup conference

It's not easy as another school year starts,
new classes starting for me as a teacher,
how do I choose what to spend my time on?
I keep trying to remind myself of priorities.

What are they? Well I guess first on the list
is my own physical condition-exercise, diet
and then developing talents comes next:
writing, poetry, and newsletter editor again.

Photography another fun hobby to pursue

not to mention still writing weekly columns,
a daily blog and occasional morning pages.
I sometimes feel like a WRITING MACHINE,
but it keeps me quite healthy emotionally.

Letting it all out-negative emotions and
frustrations are to be examined and released
into the universe, family and friends need
contacting via facebook, emails and letters.

Twin grand daughters Heather and Emilee wearing Icelandic necklaces

Poems are waiting to be formed, and others
led to discover their VOICES and talents.
That's where I'm at right now plus trying
to sell some of my many books I've printed.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Article #166 Appendix Ideas

Congratulations, hopefully by now you have written and edited your life story and are ready to publish it. Perhaps you have leftover items you’d like to add to your history: photos that you didn’t have space for or interesting details about your ancestry. An appendix at the end of your book is a useful place for this extra information.

It’s always fun to show your family tree complete with names, dates, places and photos of your ancestors if you’ve collected one. We all have sets of families that preceded us on back through the history of man. Assembling a portrait pedigree or family group sheet is a way of displaying this info. quickly. Maybe one of your relatives is a genealogist and has been researching your family tree. If not, the Internet is a handy place to make contact with others who are gathering their roots.

Family group photos if you can find them are great in an appendix. The expressions on the faces of your ancestors, the type of clothing they wore, and the fact that they could afford to take a family photo tells you much about them. Names, dates and places are important, but faces tell you so much more.

I remember seeing photos of my mom and her family. They were obviously dressed very nicely, carefully posed in a setting and told NOT to SMILE in those days. I suppose because it was difficult to hold still while smiling. So, the whole family looks quite serious. But I’ve heard other stories about how the two boys were always into wild scuffles and the oldest daughter took on the mom role after their mom was widowed with 5 children under 10 years old. The youngest daughter called her sister Mom.

Use a timeline to show where you or the subject of your family history lived during their lifetime. Credits for photos or other materials used in your history could be included. Certificates, letters, news clippings, anything you find interesting and relevant to telling your story but didn’t have room for in the main story can go in an appendix. Keep it brief. There’s a writer’s advice that says, “less is more.” Meaning you don’t want to bore your readers, but keep their interest while still making your history complete. Have a friend of family member read your whole project and give suggestions on how to improve it. Then edit out what isn’t necessary.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Marketing Opportunities

Going after what you want isn't always easy
you're bound to receive some opposition
in the form of negative little voices trying
to sabotage your best efforts. It's not easy
to quiet this demons, but necessary in order
to go forward and seize new opportunities.

I had a display yesterday for four hours locally
publicizing my new class "Write your life story"
coming up in October. It was comfortable to
just sit there and ignore people walking by, but
instead I interacted with them by asking a question
"Are you interested in writing your life story?"

Some were, some not but it led to further talk
and interaction. The result=I had two individuals
register for my upcoming class and one person
even bought my latest book now on sale.
It has many helps to aid you in writing, editing and publishing.

Containing humorous parts of my life story
from my weekly Sr. Sampler columns as well as
suggestions on how to begin writing your bio
including questions to answer and tips, YOU can
order it now. Contact lin at sunrivertoday dot com.
Cost $10 plus shipping $3 in USA.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Each day brings new opportunities and choices:
how to use each precious moment of life.
Priorities sometimes get put on the back burner
as emergencies demand immediate solutions.

Always there is the quiet moment, if we seek it.
To contemplate, to pray, to consider a wider view,
reaching out for added insights from a wiser one.
Prayer brings needed guidance and new direction.

On to new adventures, demo on writing your life story class.

Monday, September 19, 2011


Not a new baby or a grandchild, but the check!
MY check made out in MY name for $750,
prize money for my submission of my poetry book
NATURE NOTES for KIDS published last summer and
submitted last June for the Utah State Arts and Museums'
contest for a first book in the category Juvenile Books.

Amazing to win after years of submitting and not winning.
But YOU don't give up, just learn from the effort and keep trying.
The real COMPETITION is with yourself and the writer you can be
with hard work, dedication, continuing improvement and
NOT GIVING UP! Hurrah-now to spend this money wisely!
I think some computer software would be a wise investment.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

On the road again

My favorite scenic drive over the Timpanogos loop

High up where the aspens grow

Time for our annual road trip looking for autumn leaves in American Fork Canyon.

Cascade Springs-a lovely cool place to visit

Found some early autumn leaves

Lots of springs and rushing water

Watercress and moss everywhere

Cool natural beauty

Friday, September 16, 2011

Back to the Future

Time to take a break from my Iceland photos and bring you up to date. September is bringing lots of new possibilities. I'm teaching a new class called FIND YOUR VOICE based on Julia Cameron's book Artist's Way. I love helping others discover and act upon their creativity.

Then I TOOK TIME to stop by and visit my friend Caryn and hubby Wayne yesterday in their Bridge Hollow in central Utah. We haven't seen each other since they left in early May-that's almost 4 months, so we have lots of catching up to do.

Caryn has a new hobby. It's called zentangle!

Fun with black ink and pen in an art journal.

My dear friend Caryn showing me her art journal

Now it's grandparent and mom time to visit family before heading off to a writer's conference in Logan-northern Utah for the League of Utah Writers. I love my family, each and every one of them.

Grand daughters teens now Emilee and Heather

Lorien as cute as ever

Visiting with son Jeff and Rachel-Lorien's parents

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Article #165 Family History Gifts

The best way to preserve your family history or life story is to write and publish it, but there are other options of sharing your memories through memorabilia. I have made a photo collage of my dad’s life that hangs in my office and constantly reminds me of him. I compiled a written history of his life from letters he wrote my mother during their courtship, and interviews I arranged with his siblings and parents. All these relatives are now deceased but the memories remain for me to share with my children and grandchildren.

Why write your life history or preserve their memorabilia of your parents or your grandparents, etc? It can help you to make connections, to find your roots, preserve your legacy to understand where you came from, and what sacrifices were made that brought your family to this great country where we live. What struggles, challenges and trials did they overcome? How do families support each other? What strengths or character traits do you share with your earlier forefathers?

How does honoring them or at least knowing of them, help you become a better person? How could your posterity benefit from learning of your life? What would you like them to know of your journey here and what life has taught you? What are talents you developed and could share with them? Have you collected any family photos or scrapbooks that can be passed down?

Any family heirlooms or objects, antiques or memorabilia that brings back memories of special ethnic traditions, recipes, and celebrations are meaningful. All of this can be passed down with a written history published and memorabilia shared with your loved ones. Family history gifts can be photo collections to post on your living room wall, special items of sentimental value displayed, handiwork or hand crafted articles can be carefully preserved and displayed for family to enjoy in shadow boxes: quilts, tablecloths, awards, etc. Memories from the past.

Look around your own home and make a list of your memorabilia. Don’t forget to share these objects with your extended family through donating your histories and copies of historical photos to local museums or libraries to help them preserve their area’s legacy. I have my mom’s school class photo from the early 1920s that I think the Utah State historical Society would like to have. What do you have?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Geothermal energy

Our first field trip out of Reyjkavik was to see some of the many geothermal areas that supply hot water to make electric power and bring warm water into about 99% of Iceland's communities. It's amazing to see miles of pipe running from natural hot springs bringing boiling hot water into homes and outdoor swimming pools for the use of the people. I'm told the energy provided this way is very inexpensive. They have an unlimited supply throughout the island of Iceland.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Althing and Parliament

One thing that makes Iceland unique is its form of government, a national parliament or assembly, the Althing organized in 930 AD and used until 1844 to make rulings over despites between different clans. It was also where they agreed to accept Christianity into their land in 1000 AD. Held outdoors in a natural amphitheatre so the speakers could be heard, it necessitated the representatives from each clan to travel a considerable distance to participate and then to camp out in tents or semi-permanent structures to conduct all the business. (Photo below from wikipedia shows the law rock where the speaker would read the law. Photo above of me standing in that area.) Notice the tents surrounding it where the people would live while attending the Althingi. They also had to bring some of their herds for food and women to cook.

Meetings could last for days on end

Above explains what took place below

Quite a view

Lovely church and town nearby