Tuesday, November 29, 2016

What a month was November...

Almost glad to have November over with all the election commotion and everyone unhappy about the results and filled with trepidation over what could be ahead. It's easy to get caught up in the hysteria and raw emotions as no one won this election that pleases everyone. But the democratic process which outlines a peaceful transfer of power instead of riots and civil unrest will prevail, then we can have another election to let the voice of the people be heard.

Will we ever come together as a United States of America? It seems doubtful at times as the divisions in our society are so deep. We need to remember that people who voted for either candidate deserve our kindness and understanding as we try to make sense of this election year. Prayers need to go up to heaven for guidance and protection of our elected leaders, and that our country can remain true to its founding values.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Visiting Family

The twins on break from college-so fun to see them and talk about their experiences
James the future chef is busy making a gingerbread house from a kit he bought.
Peeling the potatoes while the chef Daniel works on other veggies for the feast.
Daniel carves the turkey which was delicious, he's quite the cook and host!

Time to load up the plates, Nathan age 14 isn't shy about eating.
Grandpa and Heather are enjoying their Thanksgiving food-lots of it.
Time to feast after saying what we are thankful for...
Grandson Eddie came to visit Friday and enjoyed playing with Mr. Potatohead!
Grand daughters Heather and Lorien enjoy playing together.
Nathan and his dad Daniel and uncle Jeff are helping him with a talk for church

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Over the hills...

We are off to Daniels home for Thanksgiving dinner. Love driving on the back roads and seeing the snow covered mountains...I love utah and seeing the twins again, home from college

Saturday, November 19, 2016


Finding blessings in adversity
hunting for promises of growth
disguised in moments of anguish
frustration with expectations not met.

Welcome to life, a difficult journey
of learning filled with unnecessary detours
opportunities for new strengths to be gained
if we check in with our individual GPS.

That's God's protection system 
that guides us through obstacles
opens doors, gives meaning to each 
experience and blesses us eternally.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

QUESTIONS to answer...

I'm genuinely curious to read other people's answers.

Four names I go by
-1 Lin
2. Mom
3. Grandma
4. Sister Floyd

Four places I have lived:
1. Provo, Utah
2. Fullerton, California

3. Bahia, Brazil
4. Madison, Wisconsin

Four things I love to watch on TV:
1. National Geographic Specials
2. Mormon Tabernacle Choir
3. Downtown Abbey
4. News-some days

Four places I have visited this year:
1. North Rim of Grand Canyon
2. Kanab, Utah
3. Salt Lake City, Utah
4. Little Black Mountain Petroglyphs

Four things I love to eat:
1. Pumpkin pie
2. Homemade bread
3. Fresh peaches
4. Coconut shrimp

Four favorite drinks:
1. Hot Chocolate
2. Banana Mango smoothie
3. Peppermint tea
4. Milk

Anyone can respond and will hopefully comment on my blog-
write it in a comment or on your blog or on facebook-copy and
 paste in your status then update with your responses.

Monday, November 14, 2016


I'm trying a new form of poetry cubes-that consists of three syllables for each of three lines in a stanza and 3 stanzas.

we survived
but barely.

Angry folks
march about

The results
divide us.
Will we heal?

Saturday, November 12, 2016


My son Daniel and my grandson James came down for the weekend to visit. We spent our time playing games, eating and exploring some nearby petroglyphs at Little Black Mountain Petroglyph site.

James age 10 loves to cook and wants to be a chef one day.
After a very rough road, we reach the petroglyph site
There was a nice path, bathroom and picnic site there.
You had to look closeup to see many of the petroglyphs
Lots of fun rocks without rock art to explore and hide in.
The weather was perfect- 70 degrees and cloudy.
Close up of symbols telling a story of their life in nature.
Click to enlarge and see the details.
So what does that say Dad?
Possible hunting story?

Lots of fun places to explore.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Fun with CARYN

Time to unwind after all the trauma of the election...my friend Caryn and I have been out and about.

Attending the outdoor amphitheater at  Tuachan was fun.
The featured performer was David Archuleta-LDS pop singer-what a voice!
Shopping is always fun on another day especially thrift and antique stores.
Lovely lunch of Quiche Lorraine at the Granery in Santa Clara
Off to the Labyrinth at Kayenta down this little path.
There it is a path to serenity and healing if you allow yourself the time.

Walking slowly on the labryinth can bring inner peace.
In the center is a place to sit and meditate for as long as you like.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Native American Culture

I find history fascinating and especially our interpretation of it.
Amazing all that can be surmised from pottery chards about peoples
Pots and baskets were so neccessary for daily survival/storage.

From the BLM Museum in Kanab, Utah-fascinating!