Sunday, January 31, 2010

Last day of the month again

Is life rushing by you as fast as it is for me?
I can see the months turning into years
then decades too quickly as I use each day.
Today my hubby was so pleased at lunch
when I fixed his favorite food-pizza that
he said, I'm gonna miss you when I'm gone.

Feeling that he'll expire before me even
though he's younger, exasperates me
at looking ahead to that possibility.
I plan to live forever then be twinkled
into my next life but in case not, I'm
fine with expiring to a better place
and meeting loved ones waiting.

I say...Let's live this day fully,
being the best we can be,
loving those around us
trying to change only ourselves
and living without regrets.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Earthquake Insurance

Well, living near a fault line in Southern Utah and having seen the destruction in Haiti by earthquakes, we decided it was time to get eathquake insurance for our home. Interesting how there are so many different kinds of insurance in our modern world: for our cars, homes, lives, medical needs, burial plans, etc. I think it makes us feel safer to have insurance on things important to us. Too bad there isn't also insurance for marriage success, obedient children, retirement and happiness also.

Somethings can't be guaranteed and indeed can almost be said to be part of the experience called life. Although we would wish for no health problems, prosperity, and constant happiness I wonder if that would really make us happy? There's a certain challenge to overcoming obstacles and improving our weaknesses that make for the growth that is part of this life and necessary.

What are your feelings about this topic?

Friday, January 29, 2010

Food for Thought

There are no coincidences, just small miracles where God remains anonymous. Revelations are conclusions not explanations. Faith precedes the miracle.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


When I was a little girl
I’d put a ladybug on my finger
and say this silly rhyme to it:
Ladybug, ladybug, fly away soon.
Your house is on fire, your children
are gone
...then I’d blow on the bug
and it would take off flying very fast.

I never thought in those days
how strange those words were,
good thing the poor ladybug
didn’t understand my chant.
She might have had a house with
children waiting at home for her.

FYI-possible historical connotations of the rhyme.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Article #87 Dancing Through Life

After a year of so of ballet lessons came the opportunity for me to perform in high school plays and musicals. My world of dance expanded from ballet to musical comedy theatre as I danced in “Our Town,” and other long forgotten musicals. Then came the high school talent show. I prepared a toe dance to classical music and won despite great classmate competitors who sang popular rock‘n roll songs of the day, played the piano or performed magic acts. The student body wasn’t too happy with a toe dancer winning first place and the coveted prize of a portable black and white TV set over the other more popular contestants, but the adult judges liked ballet dancing.

I was hooked. I loved dancing. Who needed boy friends or dating when you could have so much fun dancing? At this time, I discovered the world of professional ballet dancing and became a member of the Los Angeles City Ballet. So many opportunities had been opened to me that wouldn’t have been possible if I had stayed in my hometown of Eureka, Utah with a population under 5,000 and no ballet teachers.

The only problem was, ballet is not social dancing and it didn’t help me overcome my shyness with the boys. Being taller than most of the guys in high school also didn’t help. Add to those problems, the addition of glasses for near sightedness, and I began to feel like an “old maid” at sweet sixteen. Invited to one high school party-a dance party, I discovered I had no social dance skills. The popular music of the day included Elvis and the twist. Well, my mom decided to help me out by teaching me some popular dances from her youth. Unfortunately, the Charleston and the waltz weren’t well known at the one and only party I attended in high school.

Somehow I survived high school by focusing on dancing and my studies. Self conscious and skinny at 5’9” and 110 pounds, I couldn’t be seen if I turned sideways, but I did excel in my math and science classes. I took an accelerated English and college prep seminar class that pointed me towards college. I would start a new tradition in my family of attending college. After high school graduation, I received free tuition at one of California’s great junior colleges and was to have my first dating experience.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Comm. Ed. Class

I can't believe it, I finally got enough students for another community ed. class. This one is quite timely for January and New Year's resolutions "BECOME A HEALTHIER SLIMMER YOU" based on Julia Cameron's book "Write yourself the Right Size." I got her book last January and have lost 24 pounds this past year and kept it off. So it works.

Doing my own publicity work with articles in the newspaper probably helped me get more students plus telling everyone I knew about my class. It's called marketing and it takes effort and courage to reach out to others. But what else is new? So wish me luck on my class. It goes for 8 sessions and will last until March. I hope to see less of me by then also. LOL!

If you'd like to join the class, get Julia's book and work along with us. It's all about the negative self talk that we all do to keep us from gaining control of our eating habits and choices. I've been motivated by my pre-diabetes diagnosis and high blood pressure to want to loose weight for health reasons. Then as the weight comes off it feels so good and helps me continue. I love water aerobics and walking my exercise of choice, so it's all working together and now I have a support group to teach and lead.

Monday, January 25, 2010

A simple question

Photo collage above of my first meeting with each of
my six grandchildren by Grandma Lin-of course

I received a simple question from one of my grand daughters:
"Grandma, is Lorien your favoriate grandchild?" I chuckled
for a minute, then realized it's a good question. So I replied:
"No, she is only my newest favorite grandchild. I love all my
grandchildren, each is different and special. It's fun to watch
you all grow up and change. I miss Hakan the most, cause
I never get to see him." So how can a parent or grandparent
love all their children, which brings a bigger question how
can God even know or love all his millions of children?
He just does and so do we as a parent or a grandparent.
Our love grows with each succeeding child or grandchild
that joins our family. It's important to show love by our visits,
calls and emails. We all need "unconditional love" to grow no
matter what our age is... and even if our parents are gone.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


HOPES are expectations not always met
by earthly imperfect people; but when
centered in Christ, anything is possible.

Reading the scriptures helps me understand
EXPECTATIONS are not bad depending who
you focus on. God will never disappoint us
though He may try our FAITH, rewards are
sure for promises made, as obedience given.

I know that and it brings me PEACE now.
Disasters strike, politics rage out of control.
but someone is in charge of the Universe.
I'm sure God is perplexed by his children,
and their use of FREE AGENCY granted.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Photo by Nedret, poem by Lin Floyd

a rusting hay rake
sits silently alone by
a forgotten barn

Friday, January 22, 2010


Overscheduled again, just too many things
to do...difficult to say no or sorry I can't
but necessary at times, even though I sometimes
think I can do it all, I can't and don't want too.
Priorities again rise to the top after being
stuffed down by the pressures of urgency.

Relationships are most precious but easy
to ignore and neglect, if forgotten about.
So I push the pause button, stop rushing
about, take time to consider my ways and
wonder aloud, What am I doing with my time?
Then I see you sitting there overlooked by me.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Picnic Pests

We are at the park for a picnic
one summer day, it doesn’t take
long until the insects find us.
Wanting to check out our cake
and buzz over the fried chicken
then a drinking cup filled with fizz.
You can almost hear a bee say,
Oh this looks good or maybe this.

You can try swatting at them,
but do it, oh so carefully,
or you might get stung and
end your eating quickly.

If you share your food
or just ignore the pest
you’ll be happier I’m sure.
Just let him be YOUR guest.
Remember bees are helpful,
making honey, causing flowers
to bloom and fruit to grow.
Living outside, bees are real picnickers.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Giving Service

From my scripture study this morning I came across a question that asked How can you become more Christlike? It suggested studying His life and then trying to follow His example. I picture Him as very loving, helpful and serving. I would like to become more like that. So what opportunities are there to serve? We are surrounded by them. Right now giving our money or other resources to help the people of Haiti comes to my mind. But closer to home, there are unlimited ways to extend a helping hand. Teaching free classes, calling or visiting a shut-in, etc.

In our church we have a program called visiting teaching where the women go out in pairs to the homes of about 2-4 other women in our congregation monthly to give them a message and see how they are doing. When needs arise, we give service-comfort, casseroles, listening ears and whatever else seems appropriate. The men in our church do the same thing for church families as home teachers. All of us can do this with our friends also. Just opening our eyes to the needs about us can reveal new avenues of serving.

The other day I was in the post office when a woman was trying to fill out a change of address form and came back to the counter to ask the clerk if she had a magnifying glass because this woman had forgotten her reading glasses and couldn't see to fill out the form. Opportunity knocking, I thought surely someone will help her. After I finished my business with the postal clerk I saw the woman still struggling alone with her nose almost on the paper form. So I went up to her and asked if she needed some help. I surely do, she said. So I finished filling out the new address form and showed her where to sign her name. She looked at me gratefully and asked, Did God send you? I smiled and thought yes.

We all need each other, whether or not we know each other well or are strangers. See who you can help today in some way. It will bless your life. Come back and tell us about it later. It can be as easy as commenting on a blog, sending an email or calling a friend.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dealing with Change

As I was taking my walk around the neighborhood the other afternoon, I got to thinking about CHANGE. How when things are going well, we don't want anything to change BUT when problems arise we don't want to face them. When we blog we usually just talk about the good things, but those of us who are honest also mention the challenging times also. There's a new book out that sounds very interesting by a Utah author Amanda Dickson entitled Change it up! Looking differently at the change you want––and the change you don't.

The author challenges you to think of 3 times in your life that were painful. Hold each one in your heart for just a moment and remember the GIFTS it gave you. Other questions include:
1. What is the worst thing that has ever happened to you?
2. How has it made you who you are today?
3. What has it taught you?
4. In what ways would you not be YOU without that challenge?
5. In other words, how has it blessed you?

Recently after Christmas I went through a down time. It took lots of digging to figure out what was really bugging me. It went back to an event in 1975 that forever changed my life when I divorced my unfaithful husband and set off as a single parent. Now applying the questions above. Getting divorced was the worst thing I could think would ever happen to me, but it also was a blessing as I learned how to function on my own as a single parent and find my self worth as an individual. It was a blessing in disguise.

So as we wish our children wealth and happiness we also need to understand that trials will come their way and challenges for them to grow from, and that's okay.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Newest Publication to be

I have my rough draft finished of my book of children's notes, poems and free verse. It's been such creative fun doing something different. There will be several sections: 1. Insects, Bugs and More 2. Outdoors in Nature 3. Farm Animals 4. A Visit to the Zoo 5. Sea Creatures and 6. Looney Birds. It's a combination educational and entertainment book to inform and hopefully interest my grandkids and others in reading and perhaps writing their own books. Here's the cover. I'm hoping to finish it by July. It will then be available for anyone to purchase. What projects are you working on now?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cousins are siblings sometimes

Being an only child is limiting
sure there's no siblings around
to fight with or share but
it's also lonely at times, that's
when it's cool to have cousins
your own age or close to visit.

Nowadays most of us live far
from our cousins and have to
plan carefully to even see them.
Family should be a priority in
our lives but many times aren't
unless we commit to visit more.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Just say no

but do it politely...regardless of what you think, YOU CAN'T DO IT ALL! There's comes a time when you realize that. Unfortunately, it's usually when you have matured or aged. Being retired also unfortunately includes being tired a lot. You don't have the energy you had when you were younger so it's important to pick and choose how you use your TIME. Someone called me the other day from the DUP (Daughters of Utah Pioneers) locally and wanted me to be the Company Chaplain. She said there's only a few meetings you'd have to come to, but I know better having served in that volunteer position years ago. So I politely thanked her and told her I was trying to FOCUS my time on WRITING these days. What a relief!

Somedays I have several choices of things to do, all good but I have to analyze what is BETTER for me and what would the BEST use of my time. It's a tie sometimes. Wednesday I had water aerobics and a computer class at the same time. Well, the computer class won out cause it wouldn't be repeated and the exercise for that day was walking instead. Seems to me life is a series of DECISIONS every moment-what to say, think, pray about, do, etc. Those LITTLE decisions influence who we are becoming and the good we can do in the world. It's about PRIORITIES. What are yours?

Friday, January 15, 2010

Article #86 Home Sweet Home

In the good old days after their courtship and marriage celebration, it was time for the newlyweds to have a chivaree or a noisy party by their friends who would gather and try to kidnap one or both partners for a while before their first wedding night. The crowd would come beating on pans and making lots of noise to serenade the couple. After their friends were placated with refreshments and more celebrating, it was time for the newlyweds to be left alone.

Few could afford a fancy honeymoon. Most new couples started married life very modestly. They might move into the bride’s own bedroom in her parents’ home until they could get some money saved to buy their own place. My parents got married secretly and after the ceremony returned home separately to their parents’ residences without telling anyone. When finally the cat was let out of the bag when my mom’s younger sister Ethel (in above photo later with her husband Sonny, she turns 90 on Sunday) found a simple wedding band hidden in the china closet, it was time to formally declare their marriage and establish a common residence. My mom moved in with her in laws as they had room, and my dad got employment on the railroad. Eventually, she was able to live with my dad in his bachelor quarters by the tracks and share a small bed with her new husband. They were as happy as it they had a new split level home with all new appliances, but they had little-no electricity or running water in their temporary quarters provided by the railroad for its workers.

My dad (photo with my mom in Islen, Nevada near Caliente) was promoted from work crew to dispatcher and they were able to get a small––think one-room apartment with sparse furniture. Little by little with their family’s help they acquired more-a table and chairs, an old sofa and a chest of drawers. Their first big purchase as newlyweds was a gasoline washing machine, and later a car. Such humble beginnings to start a marriage would be frowned upon today but they were happy in their home sweet home together. Other earlier ancestors of mine started out their married life in a dugout or log cabin.

My husband’s great grandparents lived in a tent in Oklahoma during the oil boom days before they were able to homestead some land and construct a small one room lean-to that was home. The important thing for the couple was their love and being together.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm learning lots...

Went to two very informative activities today. The first was a computer class locally about picnik which is a FREE software program online that does photoshop work easier. This class was so interesting, and opened up many new creative possibilities to my mind with photographs. Making collages and artistic interpretations. Check it out.

This evening I went to a Dixie Archeology club meeting and watched a very informative video of the local Shivwits Paiute Indians followed by a question and answer period then a short concert of some traditional songs sung in the Paiute language by a young Indian man who has been singing since he was 4 or 5. Fascinating.

I love listening to others tell about their life's experiences in different cultures. An amazing day full of learning and expanding my knowledge of this marvelous world we live in.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Too busy...

I was actually too busy yesterday and today
until now to even blog...amazing and all this
after my blog on simplifying your life-LOL!
That's too funny, evidently I'm not listening.

It's possible to schedule too many fun things,
then trying to do them all can be very tiring.
Maybe I'll try taking my own advice-slow down
take a nap or a cup of tea with some lite dessert.

Just breathing more, slowing down my life
would help...contemplating my priorities
how to spend my limited energies would do.
Today I taught a class Write your Life Story.

Seems I am writing mine each day by what
I plan to do and actually accomplish. Perhaps
I should rethink what's most important?
Relationships are at the top of my list.
Where's my hubby when I need him? Napping!

Monday, January 11, 2010

More Nature Poems

Been having fun putting together a little book for my grandkids on nature poems that is going to be both educational and hopefully entertaining. Here's another one:

by Lin Floyd

Ever caught a fish?
They make a tasty dish.
First, they have to be caught
or they can be bought
at a grocery store
for five dollars or more.

Finding worms for bait takes time,
then they must be hooked on a line
to dangle before a fish who is foolish
and only looking for his dinner dish.
He bites the hook, you hank the line
and hope the fish is big and fine.
Unless he's still there dangling on the end,
you’ll have to try fishing at the next bend.

Sometimes all you can do is drown worms
or tangle your line up in bushes or branches.
Then it's time to stop, build a nice campfire
to cook your hot dogs or fish on the bonfire.
Outdoors with your family in God’s backyard
eating lots of gooey s’mores is a fun reward.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Sometimes you can surround yourself with too many things
It gets so you don't know where anything is or if you have it
Messes accumulated as papers get stacked then put away
Practicality says it's time to weed the garden or the desk
Lighten the load of things needing your attention
In fact, just prioritize, so unnecessary things get tossed
For it will make your life simplier and easier to have less
You know that LESS IS MORE....SIMPLIFY, do it today

Saturday, January 9, 2010

First YouTube Video

Happy Birthday Daniel

He feels old but he's only 41 and has accomplished much in his short life so far. I'm so proud of my second son Daniel who is an example in all areas of his life to his family. Happy Birthday!

Check out my first ever YouTube video of my new grand daughter Lorien daughter of my youngest son Jeff and his wife Rachel.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Article #85 Old Fashioned Values

What’s happened to the old fashioned values such as: modesty, fidelity, and honesty? In our modern times they don’t seem to exist or even be considered especially as portrayed in films or TV shows. The young couple meets, falls in lust (not love), and heads to the bedroom. What’s happened to dating, courting, and getting to know each other before letting the hormones move us into the stage of a relationship which used to come only after marriage? Nowadays I’ve overheard a young woman say…well, we’re just going to move in together and see what develops. Where is the process of making the commitment to one another of marriage first, then moving in together to establish your own family with perhaps some children added in time? Was that just for old fashioned times and people?

Clothing styles are another area that could use some improvement for many individuals, especially women but also some young men. Many gals let it all hang out, and the guys have a hard time keeping their shorts and jeans up with no belts. Then there is the bra-less look. I remember when that first came about during the 1960s. Many anti-war protestors including young men had burned their draft cards while the young women burned their bras in support of personal freedom. I was in my 20s during that time period and found myself wanting to go along with the current styles that included mini-skirts, but I never felt comfortable dressed that way or that it was really me. Being a naturally shy modest person, and maybe a little old fashioned was a better fit for me.

In today’s society, honesty is lacking both on a family and corporate level. It’s not unusual to know someone in your own family that has cheated on a spouse in the name of freedom and self expression. I remember growing up thinking that everyone was honest but I quickly found out differently as I interacted in our society. We should be able to trust others-our spouse, our banker, our teachers with our kids. Then there are those who use bullying and child/spouse abuse to get their way.

So how do we teach our old fashioned values to our families and encourage them to practice the tried and true ethics? Only by being an example of the good principles, we learned as a child, will change happen.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


I called my sweet aunt Ethel who will be 90 in a few days and asked her what she was doing. Seems she'd just finished undecorating her house from the holidays and was sitting down eating some chocolates. She immediately said but "they'll just make me fat and I should be out walking." It seems many of us feel that way and it's only 7 days into the New Year, our resolutions to "eat better and exercise more" are just that resolutions-something we'd like to do but....on another day or year. The slogan carpe diem means just that seize the day. Now is the time to repent to resolve and to change if you really want to. ( for photos.)

So yesterday I got up and decided to go try water aerobics inside because it's such good exercise during the hot summers outside. I don't like the smell of chlorine or putting on a swimsuit when the temperature's lower than freezing outside, but I DID IT because I've been on a weight plateau-not loosing or gaining which is good but I want to loose 12 more pounds before I turn 70 in July 2010 which is about 2 pounds/month or .5 pounds/week. That is doable but with just walking daily and watching what I eat portionwise, I'm making no progress. So I NEED TO ADD MORE EXERCISE. Thinking about it or typing about it on my computer isn't going to do it, so I dressed warmly in my swim suit and sweat clothes and joined the other "mature" ladies and one gentleman at the pool. Once I got there I was happy to be there and feel this is something I can do for ME.

Somehow we always put ourselves last on any TO DO list, we need to be at the top of the list and then we'll be able to fill our well and have more strength, love and self esteem to share/give to others in our lives. Tell us what you are doing in the new year to VALUE YOU.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How's it going?

I'm loving the New Year as I've made changes in my schedule. No longer teaching family history sunday school classes or doing the HWG-Heritage Writers Guild Newsletter, I have time to add new things. Today I attended my Image Catchers camera club and made contact with a retired professor who will help me learn how to make an IMovie with the .mov files I made of my newborn grand daughter Lorien. Then I joined the local chapter of Utah Poets Society and attended their first meeting. We had a lesson on poetic forms then read some of our own poems and got a critique. I'm been writing children's animal poems like crazy since I overcame my slump after the holiday season. I'll include another free verse one here. On to new adventures in the new year. I love it!

SKUNKS-OH NO! by Lin Floyd

Skunks are the crazy-est stinky-est critter ever
If you don’t believe me then you haven't met one
They are easy to find with just one white stripe
Right down their back, the rest of them is black
Their smell you won’t forget especially if
They ever spray you, you’ll stink forever
Only a tomato juice bath and time will help
Anyone coming near you will yelp “oh no”

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


New baby impressions, meet your future-your posterity
Tiny features, perfect 10 finger and 10 toes, sculpted ears
Awkward arms and legs just learning to work, blurry
Eyes not focused yet but trusting whoever holds her

A gift from heaven, a marvelous creation that copies
Others born before, a little of mom and a little of dad
Add a new personality and spirit just sent here to us
A life in embryo, her future awaits with each new day

Monday, January 4, 2010

More Children's Poems

HIPPO by Lin Floyd

Ever seen a hippopotamus
They are huge and enjoy the water
Whether in the zoo or a jungle
It helps them get around easier

So big they can’t see their behind
You don’t want to get in their way
Or you could be squashed into a pulp
Or stomped into the mud like clay

They like to find plants that grow
Nearby and they eat lots and lots of
Whatever is available, so watch what
You eat or you could become a hippo