Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New book I'm reading

Julia Cameron's book "The Writing Diet: Writing Yourself Right-Size." Great ideas from the author of "Artist's Way" and many other creative books full of ideas and suggestions to try to improve yourself. She, the author, noticed as people wrote their way to more creative lives they also seemed to loose weight and value themselves more. 

In this book, she suggests:
1. MORNING PAGES-write daily three pages of free association to clear your mind
2. JOURNAL-what you eat, why and feelings about eating-is it for comfort or company or some other reason?
3. WALKING DAILY-helps metabolism and breathing plus gets you going
4. THE FOUR QUESTIONS to ask before eating-Am I hungry, Is this what I want to eat, Is this what I want to eat now and Is there something that I can eat instead?
5. CULINARY ARTIST DATES-outings to try new foods wisely 
6. HALT-am I just Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired?
7. BODY BUDDY-a friend to encourage you with this program


Brenda Leyland said...

Hi Lin, Thanks for the peek into your new peek. I went to look for it the other day at Chapters -- not a copy to be found. I wasn't impressed, to say the least!

I'll keep looking though.

Brenda Leyland said...

PS... I meant... Thanks for the peek into your new book (blah..)grin

Kay said...

Lots of good ideas there. I'll have to ponder them.

mom/caryn said...

You know I'm a real fan of "Morning Pages"... I used to call them my "A.M. Brain Drain"... one of the best things I've ever done for myself. It's amazing the things I learned about lil ol me.

Journaling what I eat? I don't really eat... I graze. All day long.

Walking daily. It has been so easy walking here at the beach. I can't seem to get enough of it. Of course, I can think of about 84 thousand reasons why and every one of them is an inch. I'm at sea level here... at 6,200 feet at home.

The four questions are good. I'll have to write them down and commit them to memory.

Culinary Artist Dates" ha ha ha ha I live in Sanpete County, Utah.
There are only about 11 eating establishments and 6 of them are for sale. I can eat a hamburger at McDonalds, a sandwich at Subway, a greasy omelet at the HomePlate. My choices are not limited...they're non existant.

I like the HALT thing. I think I'll give that a fair try. I need to fit a "B" in there for bored, though...

My broker wants me to be her BODY BUDDY. hmmmm... I have kind of a "I wanna be left alone" mind set when it comes to my diet habits, but the idea of sharing in goals along these lines made Weight Watchers a multi million dollar business so who am I to argue.

SandyCarlson said...

I've been working on No. 4....Stopping to think makes such a difference. I am glad you are enjoying the book.

Linda Reeder said...

Daily walks really do help. I'm getting them in when the weather allows. said...

Those are very good ideas..Hmm..I may have to try them...

dellgirl said...

Looking forward to hearing your updates on this, it sounds so interesting. Julia Cameron is powerful.

I did her Artist's Way (journey) a few years back. It was so empowering, I started it again in January as part of my 2009 self improvement campaign.