Friday, August 28, 2020


Been playing around with a slide/negative SCANNER and learning lots about fixing OLD PHOTOS-changing the contrast, etc. Amazing some of the negatives are from 1943 more than 75 years ago. I've had them stored in envelopes since my mom's death in 2007, thinking I'd do something with them. Finally I decided it was time and what a wealth of memories came flooding back of my family-grand parents, a father I never knew who was killed in an airplane accident when I was almost 5 years old. Looking back at my growing up years and then as a young mother with beautiful sons to raise and obstacles to overcome as divorce reared it's ugly head but then surviving that and moving on to other experiences. Life is certainly interesting....

That's me with my loving paternal grandfather & my aunt Bonnie


Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Welcome Visit from the Newlyweds

My grand daughter Emilee and her new husband Daniel are here for a 3 day visit. We are being careful not to hug, and WEAR MASKS when out. It's so fun to visit with FAMILY-sharing meals together, looking through old SCRAPBOOKS, looking at old photos online, visiting, playing games, exploring our empty RED CLIFFS MALL with our masks on, TALKING, and just being family together. What a thrill to have my new grandson-in-law from Peru call me Grandma and to enjoy a quick trip to VIVA CHICKEN where they serve Peruvian dishes. Daniel wants to be a chef and is now working on his GREEN CARD which will enable him to apply for CITIZENSHIP after spending 3 years here on a STUDENT VISA. He's a returned missionary who served in Bolivia and he met my grand dg through the online ap MUTUAL developed by some BYU students. I have a friend's daugther who lives in SWEDEN who has just met a new boy friend this way. LIFE is INTERESTING! We also went to DESERET BOOK for some reading material. 

We look like bandits in the empty mall

Many stores are closed, don't know if malls will recover

Fried bananas, special potatoes, salad and BBQ chicken

Friday, August 14, 2020


Continuing with my process of SCANNING in old slides and negatives from the past, memories flow through my mind of EARLIER TIMES. Days, weeks and months of RAISING BOYS from babies into grownups. As a single mother for many of those years, I certainly appreciated the SCOUTING program and the leaders that served as GOOD EXAMPLES for my sons and taught them VALUABLE SKILLS. All four of my sons participated in scouting and completed their Eagle Scout projects. They learned to enjoy camping, hiking and exploring nature. I'm loving LOOKING BACK at the little boys they were and appreciating the individuals they are now. Love them all and appreciate each son's UNIQUENESS. I LEARNED so much raising sons 1966 to 2001-35 years of EDUCATION. (Click to enlarge photos.)

Scouting bros: l-r Brook, Daniel, Jeff and Frank
(Note: the handmade scout shirt I made for Jeff!)

Daniel learning to fish at Payson Lake with family

Starting with cub scouts, I was a Den Mother, bro Frank led the way

Dan as Webelo scout with his friend Daniel from next door

How well do I remember all those Pinewood Derby races,
trying to help carve a race car and put on wheels to stay.

Looking ambitious at the beginning of the Timp Hike with backpacks!

Learning to cook and serve hamburgers was useful
All three brothers at the top of Mt. Timpanogos!

And all those merit badges to sew on...

Dan's Eagle Project was an original puppet show complete with
original script Star Bores, handmade puppets and a stage above.

Monday, August 10, 2020

Spent the DAY in the PAST

Sept 1943 to be exact. I was only 3 years old and with my parents who made a road trip from Utah to visit my mother's brother Norman who lived in San Francisco with his wife Gladys and dg Ruth. (None of us knew at that time in two short years my father Stanley Vernon would be killed in an airplane accident.) Today I decided to dig out some old slides he had made and my mom saved to scan and upload to where your precious photos are preserved forever as well as your family history and memories.

l-r my dad Stanley, Gladys, Norm with Ruth and me

Me, Mom and Ruth

All three are now together in Heaven...

My dad's airplane-his new hobby!

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Another grandson's BIRTHDAY-Hakan is 17..WOW...

How exciting 17 years ago when my oldest son Frank and his wife Nedret had their son HAKAN

My oldest son Frank, wife Nedret, son Hakan

Thanks to the mom Nedret for most of these photos!

Saturday, August 1, 2020

It's AUGUST, believe it or not!

Wow what a summer and spring this has been. UNUSUAL doesn't even describe it. TRAUMATIC is closer. A TEST of PATIENCE, HOPE and FAITH that this too will pass...comes closest. Holding your breath each morning, worrying about getting a COUGH, SORE THROAT or SHORTNESS of BREATH is stressful as the CORONA VIRUS stalks our world. But so far so good, trying to stay mostly at home, wear masks and social distancing has HELPED so far.  In the meantime, early morning walks, scripture study, journaling and projects have made it go quicker. VISITS with family whether in person, over zoom, telephone or emails have been the HIGHLIGHTS.