Monday, August 13, 2018

Off to Bonners Ferry Idaho again

Just a little vacation to get away from the heat and smoke in St. George. It is a little cooler-about 10 degrees but it terribly smoky everywhere. Hopefully as we get closer to the Canadian border it will clear up...
Skies are mostly gray with smoke, so it's a real treat to see blue and clouds.
Staying at Blackfoot Idaho tonight after 9 hours of driving
This is southern Idaho barren, dry and needing rain as we all do.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Dog Days of Summer

Latest report, it's a tie between the raccoons or other critters that like our peaches and my hubby. Despite all the frame and netting, they got into the peaches, so hubby made a trap but that didn't work so he picked the remaining peaches which were many and called it a tie until next year.

The addition of pop cans on the netting didn't stop the critters climbing up
A baited trap slowed them down some but didn't trap them or stop them
Decided they were ripe enough to pick if we wanted to eat any of them.
Some are quite green but will ripen probably all at once
Tasty addition to yogurt and cereal

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Happy Birthday Hakan-now 15!

So excited, son arrives for my oldest son Frank and wife Nedret
I think we look alike, me on left, Hakan on right...

Growing up 2012, not a teenager yet!
Graduating from 8th grade!

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Guarding the PEACHES

It's almost peachtime in St. George again and our little 4 foot peach tree is about ready. But the chipmunks and raccoons know that too and made an early incursion into our crop and got several green peaches. Hope they got a belly ache. This inspired my hubby to build a net enclosure around our tree which seems to be working. Let you know in a few weeks the results.

Look at those luscious peaches ripening on our tiny tree
Pounding these plastic stakes into the hard ground, needed a metal rod first
Covered over wtih nylon net with ends secured to ground with rocks

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Relief Society Field Trip

Visited our newly restored  Tabernacle in town with a group of friends from my church. Enjoyed seeing and appreciating the  handicraft of this historic building lovely redone to be earthquake resistant and stronger.

Before and after up above

Mold for grape cluster on trim inside, also cotton blossoms

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Clouds are Here!

On our recent trip to Oregon and back, I took several photos of clouds and found it amazing how differently they can look. You can almost see objects, faces, etc in them. Take a look and see what you see.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Family is what life is about...

Establishing a home where children are welcomed, loved and nurtured, is so important and hopefully inspires them to start families of their own. Reunions and other special occasions, holidays and just ordinary days give us the opportunity to reach out to each other with hugs and support in our individual journeys. Families are needed. I've enjoyed reconnecting with various families from my past this summer. My first family I joined when I married into the Hatches, then visiting my hubby's Floyd family on the Oregon coast and after that attending a funeral of a beloved cousin Keith Renstrom who joined our Johnson family when he married my cousin Jody back in 1966. He was 97 and had lived a good long life.
Three lovely daughters l-r Alicia, Katherine and Sarah with their dad Allen
Sarah the organizer and hubby Chuck taking a selfie
Visitor looking lonely
Lots of mouths to feed and excellent food cooked by the daughters
Grand kids galore but some missing oldest daughter Deborah's family
Lots of game playing and puzzle making as well as beach activities
Cooks in action: Katherine and Sarah
Role playing games enthralled all ages
Adrianne enjoys a new book of fairy tales to read
Sarah's daughter Karrah enjoys Aunt Katherine reading to her
Step grandmother Lin reads to Karrah while her sister Annalise listens.
There's a smile from the patriarch Allen with Sarah and tasty burritos
Captive audience enjoys lots of family slides from the good old days.
Showing off his dad's Distinguishing Flying Cross