Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Another Relief Society HUMANITARIAN Activity

Our monthly activity was busy busy with making humanitarian kits for newborn, women, hygiene and winter kits for those less fortunate. We had 55 sisters attending and we kept them busy then enjoyed pumpkin pies for refreshments.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

NOVEMBER-Gratitude Month

How can we be halfway through this month of November already...time is flying even the daylight hours are disappearing. Leaves are turning colors some of them, but most got frozen and are just falling off the trees green. I don't like cold, but it's easier to handle than extreme heat if you have a furnace and warm clothing which I have both of. Which brings me to the QUESTION I'd like to ask: What are three things you are most grateful for? Here's mine.

1. Having the opportunity to have a physical body, time on earth, family and friends surrounding me.
2. Understanding why I'm here-to learn and to grow by the experiences both positive and negative.
3. Believing there is a purpose to life and a higher power who loves and watches over us.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Fall is definitely here...SCARECROWS galore!

Took a little stroll through Red Cliff Garden area in St. George and enjoyed their Scarecrow contest and display. Beautiful warm weather, blue skies and Fall is here!

Tuesday, October 22, 2019


Took a short trip to Snow Canyon, Veyo and Gunlock to see some autumn colors-lots of golden yellows but not red leaves as maples don't grow in our climate.
Interesting tree without leaves just barely surviving
Snow Canyon fun area to drive and explore
Interesting reflection in this small pond by the road
Love the bright yellow of rabbit bush
Snow Canyon has layers of every color of sandstone 

Love all the subtle colors of grasses and bushes
Soon all the leaves will be gone, blown away as winter comes

Thursday, October 17, 2019

FALL or AUTUMN my favorite season

Pumpkins, hay bales, & corn stalks says it all!
amazing all the different sizes and shapes of pumpkins-real and decorative
Love Caryn's pumpkin clown and autumn decor
Fun table decor with old books added
On Caryn's kitchen counter-old mail box changes with the seasons
Wise old owl awaits another winter
Those are real little pumpkins in that fun wooden crate
Caryn has the lasgest collection of decorative pillows of anyone alive!
Wait till you see her Christmas pillows
Every corner has something fun to see
Click to read her fun witch sign found in the woods!
This is her outside front door patio, most inviting!