Saturday, June 15, 2019

Happy FATHER'S DAY to all fathers in our family

We all are alive today because of fathers who took the opportunity to marry and begin a family as far back as history goes starting with Adam and Eve. I love learning of the lives of my ancestral fathers who fought in many of the wars on this land including the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Civil War, WWI and II. Putting others welfare over their own safety, sacrificing their time and energy to protect, nurture and care for the well being of their families. I'm also proud of my sons who are fathers and appreciate all those in my family: uncles, fathers, step fathers, and husbands who have helped us all along..

My oldest son Frank, his wife Nedret and son Hakan
Son Daniel, wife Tina and kids: Nathan, James, Heather and Emilee

My youngest son Jeff, wife Rachel,  kids-Eddie and Lorien

Tuesday, June 11, 2019


A fun enrichment activity today with 10 different activities for the women in our church group to participate in while getting to know each other better. Thanks to everyone who came and helped.

Poster advertising our event made by Pam B
Beginning Sign Language with Judy
Write Your Life Story with Lin
Family History Helps with Wanda
Crocheting Plastic Sack Bags with Vida
Learning to Play Pegs and Jokers with Lindy
Come Unto Me Gospel Study Helps with Carol
Crocheting-Knitting projects with Muriel, Deb & Wilma-not shown
Healthy snacks buffet
Decorating with balloons: Elaine and hubby
Our chairwomen Pam and Elaine did a fantastic job with lots of helpers
Just Serve opportunities with DeeAnn, not shown Baby Blankets with Barbara

Friday, May 31, 2019

Goodbye to May

One of our coolest rainiest Mays in our 12 years of living in St.George. Enjoying the cactii blooms which were exceptional this year while still being able to get out for afternoon walks as the temps barely made it to 80 degrees, it's been lovely. Here's a photo from the Hatches cabin in Sanpete County that says it all. Peace.

Monday, May 20, 2019

DUP Closing Social

Seems like several things are stopping for summer. Today we had our closing lesson and luncheon for Daughters of Utah Pioneers with a lesson on Washington County Utah History and a potluck luncheon. I helped decorate the tables with my friend Vida who makes lovely quilts and projects.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Saturday Nature Walk

Well, our temps have cooled from 90 to 50 because of some rain, so we took a little nature walk down by the Virgin River that runs by our retirement homes. Saw some wildlife and got needed exercise.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Relief Society Humanitarian PROJECTS

Today the women in our Church RELIEF SOCIETY met to gather together humanitarian kits for refugees around the world. It was a fun day of working together then enjoying some healthy snacks.