Friday, August 18, 2017

Needing a RECHARGE?

In this day of multiple electronie devices, sometimes I feel like I need a station to plug me into to GET RECHARGED? It's been a long hot summer this year with a few medical challenges to overcome, BUT now that Fall is in the air-it's only 69 degrees at 6 am rather than 80 degrees––I'm reinvigorated. It always seem that way each year. Somehow with school starting even though my sons now have kids in school, I start to get a better routine going and work on some new projects.

My projects are mostly poetic as President of Dixie Poets, chair of the Youth Poetry Contest now in its 7th year and also finalizing some details for Poetry in the Park for next March plus will serve as Daughters of Utah Pioneers Historian for my camp to try to motivate them to write and collect their family histories. Then I'm doing several blogs and miscellaneous projects AND hubby just decided to trip to Texas for his 55th HS reunion-so that will be a fun adventure. Probably too many projects, but it's fun to feel my energies return as the sun heads south towards fall and winter.

How about you, what are you looking forward to?

Monday, August 14, 2017


A small miniature peach tree produces!
Loaded with peaches we found this under the tree yesterday
Luckily the critter got full, so hubby picked these remainders for us

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Returning from Vacation

Driving back through the redrock deserts of Southern Colorado, Page Arizona through Kanab, we were headed HOME to St. George Utah...our retirement home sweet home.

Coming down from the Colorado Mountains to the desert below
Quite the view below, I love mountains and valleys
A few puffy monsoon clouds are trying to form.
Colorado River in Colorado
Navajo Reservation views
This is the land we gave the Navajos to live on in Arizona
Lake Powell Arizona-popular tourist and boat destination
Anyone have an extra house boat? It's only 90 degrees today so far.
Heading towards Kanab and Utah-our home!!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Rocky Mountain National Park-Colorado

Driving into the park, lots of wildlife-an elk here
Scenic drive up to 11,000 ft and back down into Estes Park
Views in every direction and coolness
Snow near the summit and not trees

I loved the green coolness
Rocky Mountain HIGH Colorado!
Beautiful landscapes in every direction.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

More Vacation Photos

Been home for a week or more but still have lots of great photos to share...

Leaving Wyoming, heading to Colorado
Beginning of Colorado River at Fair Play elevation 10,000 ft-that's high!
Heading to the Pine trees
Granby Lake outside of Rocky Mountain State Park
There's something peaceful about lakes and open space and mountains
Great place for a cabin by the lakeside

Great place for boating....
Peaceful surroundings....

Friday, July 28, 2017


I'm fascinated by history and especially in my area of the world. THE WEST. It's the story of my pioneer ancestors-Mormons who traveled across 1000 miles of plains, hills, mountains, deserts walking all the way as they contended with the elements, weather, diseases, inconveniences and danger from Indians and wildlife. It wasn't easy but they did it. We all have PIONEERS who came to AMERICA at some time-on the Mayflower or other ships to start a new life. Some of us have ancestors who were already here on this land NATIVE AMERICANS and some unfortunately were brought here as SLAVES. What a complex history is the story of this country. Here's more about Fort Bridger:

Model of Fort Bridger when it was an army outpost
Original foundation of the fort
Cooking area for the fort
Pioneer handcarts stopped at fort to restock their supplies
Cheaper than wagons but labor intensive
Lots of displays showing the history of the fort
Indians were part of the Fort history also
The fort area was originally a mountain men trading area with the Indians
Squaw collecting firewood with help of large dog
Officers quarters were larger and nicer than the enlisted men's barracks
Info on officers quarters

Outhouses for officers quarters

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Pioneer Trails across Wyoming

The 1800s brought pioneers going to California, Utah and Oregon

Remains of wagon ruts remain
Fort Bridger, a welcome sight for weary pioneers to stock up on supplies and rest.
Hubby recalls a receipt book like this his g-parents had in their country store
Any thing you needed to resupply your wagon train to complete the journey
Interesting bathing tub with back rest for small children
Barracks or sleeping quarters

Ice house and stables for animals and wagons
Many repairs were needed on the wagon wheels because of rough roads/trails
Some came in carriages, a little more comfortable than wagons
Guard house for soldiers, has a prison cell too for when needs arose
Beds were elevated so guards wouldn't sleep???
Guard house of shelters during inclement weather
Commissary of goods available to buy, note brown paper and string to wrap up purchases
Freight wagons used to haul supplies to sell at Fort Bridger