Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Houses AGE Also...

The spout on our faucet broke off, here's a temporary repair job.
Good thing my hubby is skinny and knows how to fix plumbing.
Taking off the old faucet was a trick and labor intensive, also cleaning
out the stuff under the sink where we store our 72 hour water supply.
This was quite the job and took hours of labor to install after reading
all the instructions thoroughly, that's how an engineer fixes things!
Beautiful and new, only cost $120 for the faucet, zero for labor!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Increase Your VOCABULARY

As a writer and poet, I'm fascinated by words, and am always open to learn new words or better uses of words in my writing. I saw this chart on Facebook with feeling words, and was enthralled (new word for me) by it. Check it out and see if it helps you. Published by the Ohio Education Association. Here's a challenge, see if you can use a new to you word in a comment. Click on chart to enlarge and read it better. Good luck!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Article #401 Overcome Your Fears

            Some individuals are sure that their lives were too mundane to write about and wouldn’t be interesting to others or fear that  they lack the necessary writing skills to capture anything of value from their life. Writing your own life story or reading about your ancestor’s lives can help teach you many lessons indirectly whether it’s analyzing your own life or an ancestor’sA grandmother who felt she never achieved anything of value because she only raised nine children to adulthood is mistaken about her contributions. Maybe you are too. Start writing about your parents.
With a little encouragement, Kathleen Giebel of St. George told me some of her childhood experiences. I took notes as we talked, then edited her remarks.  She remembers the strong example of her mother and told me…My dad died when I was 5 months old, so my mother had to go to work to support us. We lived with my grandmother in New York City. The only way to get around then was trolley cars, later there were trains then buses. I remember my mom had two suits to wear to work-one green and one brown complete with a little hat and matching shoes and purse.
           Once a year mom would take out a small loan and use it to take a vacation with some girl friends around the country by train or car. Then she would pay the loan back and take another loan the next year for another vacation. This was in the days before airplane travel, but it was a tradition that gave my mom a break from her hectic work and life in the city. She traveled all over the United States and to Mexico. I didn’t go on her trips but my mother took me to museums and  places of interest in NYC. Later when I grew up and married I traveled to many distant cities with my husband Ken for his work.
Challenge yourself to beginning writing down a few family experiences you remember with your parents. Don’t worry about editing your writing, just write down some ideas you’d like to share. Later, you can ask a friend or family member to help edit your writing to correct any errors and make it more interesting. But, it has to start with YOU. Another quote from Alex Haley: In every conceivable manner, the family is link to our past, bridge to our future. NEXT TIME: Ask for Help. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Early Morning Visitors

Summer is continuing with its heat and a little monsoon relief. I'm hiding out in air conditioned spaces writing and working on the computer. I may even clean off my desk one of these days. Ah, LAZY SUMMER. 

Doves are enjoying our recovering palm tree which is doing well.
Golf course without golfers at sunrise...

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Birthday activities-continued

Cedar Breaks from elevation 10,000-its 68 degrees up here.
Amazing colors in the rocks as seen from viewpoints above.
Simply breathtaking-God's handiwork and art in nature's beauty!
Navaho Lake a reservoir high in the Cedar Mountains

Many trees have died because of the beetles disease. 
Looking up at Cedar Breaks from below on the highway. 
Heading back down the canyon and homeward bound....

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Birthday Activities

Hubby surprised me by cooking an omelet for breakfast!
How nice to have someone else cook and do the dishes! 
A dozen yellow roses of Texas greets me on my birthday!
Then it's time to escape our heat in St. George and head to the mountains.
I forgot there are green trees and coolness in the Cedar Mountains
Brian Head ski resort has a fun summer lift up Navaho Mountain 
Amazing coolness and light breezes greet us at the top of the world
The view below is breathtaking, love the red rocks of Utah
Lift tickets were reasonable only $6.50 each for Senior citizens-us!
Going down while watching mountain bikers race down trails below.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Happy Birthday to me again...

How could it possibly be that I've lasted 74 years so far?
Lots of experiences have taken place through the years.
Some I wouldn't want to repeat and others I cherish.
Years of watching my family evolve and change.
Developing new talents and teaching others.
Growing in my understanding of the gospel plan.
Surviving and trying to thrive from challenges,
Never giving up––enduring to the end, whenever that comes.