Monday, July 6, 2015

Check out my new POETRY BLOG

Lots of good poetry from members of the Utah State Poetry Society.


Joining with other poets gives you the opportunity to share and develop your talents in using the written word to express your feelings about life. Making new friends at meetings, attending workshops, submitting your poetry for gentle critiques and encouragement will change your life. As for me, Lin Floyd-UTSPS blogmaster and Chapters Coordinator, I joined after retirement as a school librarian. I've always loved to write, mostly family histories but also free verse poetry since I was a teenager. Later, I would find poetry to be therapy for losses and strong emotions that I felt which led me to write a book 
A Writing Workbook for Healing and Recovery. 

Here's one of my poems from that book:
Writing is a healing art,
giving expression to inner longings,
unmet needs, hidden wounds,
dreams of soul and mind.
My small voice reaches out
courageously connecting with others.
Realizing the universality
of the human experience
made possible through written words
joined together in random patterns,
crafted with a desire to be known
to reveal the person hidden within.
For more info. on how to join, go to UTSPS website 
for application form, dues info, etc. 

Saturday, July 4, 2015


Let us preserve our freedoms
protected by laws and the constitution
created by God-fearing men
who believed in this land's destiny.

Founded on principles of liberty,
can we stand motionless as anger
rules the dissatisfaction sweeping
our country by dissonant groups?

Values and standards crumble, fall
as society fractures into hatred
fearful of other's differing viewpoints
forgetting In God We Trust.

Arguing over using deity's name
or valuing Christian principles,
factions fight the war of words
further confusing our youth of promise.

Love, forgiveness and unity lose
battles between man-made philosophies
while men and women of faith
fear what the future will bring.

Can we peacefully resolve differences,
withstand bullies disguised by fairness
as they destroy established traditions
long revered and cherished in America?

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Progress on the BOAT Turning!

When building a barn in the good old days, there was always that barn raising day. Well, it's soon turn over the boat day and work on the inside of the boat as the outside is done. But it's not an easy task to lift a heavy over 200 pound boat by hand. So, my engineer husband has devised a frame with straps and pulleys to make this possible. In the meantime, he has taken over the entire garage and both our cars are parked outside in the 108 degree temps for a short time. Hope they don't melt. Our garage is air conditioned which is necessary here in the summer..

First comes the designing, then buying the lumber to create the frame.
Next cutting the lumber and putting it together in the other half of the garage!
This is the rough draft of what it will look like without the boat inside it.
Computer drafting shows the boat and straps with pulleys making the turnover.
Half finished, it's coming along––maybe by July 4th!!!! We'll celebrate...

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Pine Valley COOL Drive

Last Sat on the hottest day of our summer so far, it was 108 degrees we took a ride to a cooler place the Pine Valley mountains about an hour from our home in St. George.
My first selfie and I got us both eating our Jimmy John's picnic together!
Lovely cool breezes and shade, everything's GREEN!
I love the Pine Valley mountains and their fresh smells!
Looking up, those clouds are providing more shades, possibly rain soon.
Looking down, granite rocks, pine cones and needles cover the ground
Love the sounds of the gurgling stream by our picnic table...
Amazing water gushes through our desert area.
Lots of firewood if needed. 
Pioneer homes stand empty once filled with families working the land

Some old historic homes have been restored and are lived in today!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Shutterfly fun...

Made a new mousepad for my computer desk with all my grandkids on it. My last one is missing the newest arrival Eddie who is now three years old and of course all the other kiddos have aged too. It was fun and easy and only cost $5 plus shipping. CLICK to enlarge. Early birthday present for me...

Friday, June 26, 2015

Organization vs. Chaos?

going through stacks of old papers
memories of meetings held long ago

journal entries of experiences forgotten

it’s my past learning recorded in words 

knowledge as yet unorganized
events, emotions and experiences
not cataloged but thrown into
a mess of disorder called my mind 

now and then a dream will return
something long forgotten now recalled
or not even experienced ever
created out of the chaos called life 

confusion but with thought and time
order can be restored as learning
takes place in my mind’s mayhem
precept by percept I have been taught

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Boat Update...

It's now been over 3 years since hubby started his retirement hobby of building a wooden boat. What a long journey frustrating at times, as new skills were learned and mistakes made that necessitated redoing some processes. This is where he's at today.

Brass strips have to be screwed into place to protect wooden boat bottom.
Curved to fit, then masked off for the next step...epoxy.
It looks simple but it's not, bending it to fit the boat's shape...
Physically and mentally challenging, next the strip will be glued to the wood
then all the little screws carefully drilled and filled with epoxy will be secured.
This is a lot like life, we learn by doing. I'm going back through my old journals from 2000+ and am amazed at how I'm still grappling with some of the same issues in my life.  Then there is my working desk without a computer which tends to become a stacking place for papers to sort later which  never comes. Picture the before stage stacked about 6 inches high every square inch. Now it's inviting!

Now the challenge to keep it looking like this and not make stacks!!