Friday, December 19, 2014

Last PARTY before Christmas

Elaine and Carolyn look over the buffet table for the Relief Society
Time to dish up yummy food for the party. 
Lots of sisters attending between 30-40 but not at the same time. 
It was an open house from 2-4 pm at Marilyn's festive home.
Kitchen helpers fix the special cherry pudding dessert.
Lots of conversing going on, it was fun just to visit and talk to each other. 
A fun afternoon, we also gathered toys for tots to give.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Article #322 Failure or Faith

           Each day is an opportunity for you to feel like a failure when your expectations aren’t met or doubts enter about your unknown future. As a young friend of mine said I feel so confused. My reply was: This is a world of confusion. So much is happening so fast, that’s it’s difficult to stay in one place and not feel frazzled. What can you do? Focus on the positive, develop faith in some belief system that gives direction and purpose to your life as you struggle with each day’s challenges. When you blame others including God for problems, gratitude takes a back seat and can be replaced by perfectionism, frustration, and depression.

            The cry of today’s youth and many adults is That’s not fair. As IF life is suppose to be fair and supply all our needs and desires with little effort required on our part. Trust in the plan, learn from your experiences. Don’t fight them, embrace them for the lessons they bring. For those who have struggled with raising teenagers, you probably tried to teach your children that life isn’t fair, but there are rewards to be gained from soldiering through the difficult times, leaning on your faith and supportive friends and loving family for encouragement.

             The concept of looking at life as a glass half full rather than half empty will help you avoid feelings of failure. Optimism is contagious and necessary for the development of faith in self and life’s purpose. There is a reason you are here on earth in a family and in this community: to struggle and learn from adversity. Celebrate your efforts then share the wisdom gained with others.

             This is not a random universe-there are laws and natural forces that keep everything in check and moving in its proper orbit. Everyone is governed by laws and natural forces. Stimulus––response, action––reaction, mistake––consequences, failures–––learning. Don’t hate or doubt the schoolmaster who developed this curriculum. Just spend time reflecting, appreciating and learning from your stumbles and develop your faith and cultivate hope in the many blessings that come.

            Writing your life story will help you discover the strengths that you’ve developed from challenges and weaknesses that come to all. Start listing the major trials/tests you’ve faced. Mine was divorce and becoming a single parent. From this experience, I became a stronger person and learned to rely on my faith for direction and purpose. NEXT TIME: Season of Change.  

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas is COMING....

What is CHRISTMAS all about?
Some think it's Santa Claus coming
with toys for good little girls and boys.

Others say it's a TIME of gathering
family members together
exchanging presents and feasting.

It's celebrating the birth
of the SAVIOR of the world
so many years ago in Bethlehem.

Christmas is not only a holiday 
but a HOLY DAY to honor
the coming of our Savior to earth.

He lived and set the example
for us to FOLLOW in serving others
in love and peacefulness.


Saturday, December 13, 2014

Happy Birthday JEFFREY

I made this collage 5 years ago, so Jeff is 32 this year
and doing well––married to Rachel, has two kiddos
Lorien and Eddie, works in SLC, completed a mission
to Japan for our church and loves genealogy!

What a sweet family and a good father Jeff is...

Friday, December 12, 2014

To DYE or Not to DYE

When you reach my age
the big question is
to dye or not to dye...
the hair, since dying
of old age is a given.

As a child I was blond,
brunette as an adult
then gray hairs appeared
during my sons' teen years
revealing the aging process.

BEFORE-platinum blonde-frowning
So, I hit the bottle
Clairol's Nice and Easy
that become blond
again, but it was too light.

Now I'm trying a darker
color with more brown 
not just platinum hues
because my son said to me:
Your  hair is white, mother dear.

AFTER-natural light blonde-notice the smile!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Looking Back over FIFTY Years

Recently I attended my fiftieth year reunion at BYU. In 1964, I graduated with my Masters degree in Physical Education (Dance), went on the FIRST European tour with the BYU Folk Dancers and got married to my first husband in the the SLC temple. What a summer! Seeing my classmates from long ago was thrilling this past weekend as we hugged and shared memories. Two of our dance troupe have died from cancer. Many others I couldn't locate through our alumni directory. My name is those days was Linda Vernon later to be changed to Lin.

Graduation with my Masters of Arts

Engagement photo at age 23

My grandparents: standing the Vernons, seated GMJohnson
Looking back, it's fun to recall all the experiences in my life that have brought me to where I am now as I approach my 75th birthday next July...Getting married opened the way for my family to rise up around me as I had four sons and now seven grandchildren. Love them all.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Article #321 Rebellious Children

              Into everyone’s life, there comes a difficult child. In the olden days, they were sometimes called the black sheep of the family. The child that rebels against family values. Extremely independent, but insensitive to others’ needs, it can be a real struggle to interest this person in communicating with parents or siblings. These individuals sometimes emotionally and physically divorce themselves and want nothing to do with the family.

The first question of any parent is What did I do or NOT do to create this child that I no longer recognize? That’s called taking things personally and leads nowhere, except down. If there’s one principle constant in life, it’s that PEOPLE WILL CHANGE over time. A parent can only give raising a child his or her best effort. Rebellious children sometimes grow into responsible individuals. Other times, they can get hooked exploring addictions or alternate life styles which can derail their lives. They become lost or so it seems.

It would be wonderful if there was a MAGIC principle to apply for any family to assure happiness; but everyone has  agency to choose his or her path in life. Reaching out and keeping contact with the straying ones to reassure them of your love as a parent or grandparent may be the only hope of bringing them back into the fold and security of the family. Blaming yourself doesn’t work. I know I’ve tried it. Letting them experience the consequences of their decisions isn’t easy, but necessary.

You’d like to spare your offspring the struggle of learning the hard way, but sometimes it’s not possible. Being a good example and teaching family values patiently is the only way. Be a source of love and comfort. I have seen some parents RESCUE a child time after time without offering any counsel or advice on how to avoid the pitfalls of life. It’s important that parents understand that continuing to enable a weak child to be rescued from consequences of poor choices can lead to co-dependency. It may be necessary for a parent or grandparent to TAKE A STAND to encourage an adult child to take responsibility for their own welfare. Words of encouragement, a listening ear are priceless, while bailing them out of yet another disaster can just build a pattern of irresponsibility––all too familiar in this me generation. NEXT TIME: Failure or Faith.