Saturday, January 20, 2018


Lately have had several people take time to COMPLIMENT me on something. Wow, if that isn't wonderful to hear in our CRITICAL world. One member of my church, commented on what a good job I do teaching. Well, I love to teach and have taught in church since 1964 when I first was asked to teach GENEALOGY. Of course, it helps if you love your topic. I love teaching others about SELF IMPROVEMENT which is what GOSPEL TEACHING is all about.

I've been teaching since 1962 when I graduated from BYU with a BS degree in Physical Education (Dance) and began work on my Masters Degree in Dance and received free tuition for graduate studies while I taught. Later I would teach DANCE for 10 years in college settings, then go back to school and received an ELEMENTARY TEACHING CREDENTIAL and I taught FIRST GRADE after my divorce-that was a challenge! While doing that I attended BYU again and got a library endorsement on my teaching credential and became a school LIBRARIAN teaching all grades.

My next JOB was COMMUNITY EDUCATION COORDINATOR for Utah State University-Uintah Basin when we moved to Roosevelt after my marriage to Allen. I loved organizing, taking and teaching some classes in a wide variety of topics: computers, writing your life story, photography, guitar, calligraphy, flower arranging, water color, weaving, basketry, petroglyph study, photoshop, wood carving, woodwork, jewelry making, cooking, etc. It was fun to find qualified teachers for various classes and actually learning new skills helped prepare me for retirement hobbies.

During the years, I've received my share of CRITICISMS also which can stop you dead in your tracks or be a GREAT TEACHER to help you improve. But I'm most thankful for loving friends and family who along the way have ENCOURAGED me and COMPLIMENTED ME. Take some time today to do that. Leave a positive compliment for a friend on a BLOG or in an EMAIL or in PERSON, it will make their day. Also a little kindness to yourself always help. What COMPLIMENT CAN YOU GIVE YOURSELF?

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Making PROGRESS in the New Year

Well, I'm liking the NEW YEAR and focusing on ACT DON'T REACT and living each day with gratitude  is certainly better than just reacting to whatever comes. If that makes sense to anyone. There will always be challenges in everyone's life, but they can be valuable life lessons. I feel like I'm making PROGRESS-moving forward with worthy goals. Learning to say no to new projects that I don't have time or energy for but focusing on my priorities:

1. Studying scriptures and praying daily keeps me in tune with inspiration that can come my way.
2. Being grateful for my many blessings helps keeps me focused on the good in my life.
3. Pursuing goals and activities that I love like interacting with family, doing genealogy research, preparing lessons and teaching fills my bucket.
4. Life is good. Looking for serendipity helps....unexpected blessings.

How's your NEW YEAR coming?

Monday, January 8, 2018

Happy 49th to my son DANIEL

Amazing how fast the years fly by and my second born son is now a father of three teenagers and one almost 12 years old pre-teen, busy husband and teacher of Digital Design at UVU. He's a go-getter who accomplishes lots with his time serving others, leading his family, teaching and developing his talents and abilities. Through the years he's been there when I've needed his help with whatever-teaching me all about computers, repairing my digital equipment, coaching his younger brother's soccer team, being a mentor and supporter and great example, calling me often or emailing to see how I'm doing, cooking great meals for family get togethers, listening and asking questions that show that he cares for everyone whether in our family or in the community that surrounds him. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Son.  Love you always and forever, Mom

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Special Baptism DAY

Rory is ready to be baptized by her dad, my son Jeff
Son Daniel taking a photo of Lorien and her brother Eddie who was so excited.

Five of my seven grandkids were there. Missing Emilee in France and Hakan in NM

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Happy Birthday LORIEN, eight years old today!

Lorien collage at age two, she's grown lots as these photos will show.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas eve with family

Happy to have some of my family here to celebrate the holidays with us...would be nice to all be together one day.

Just missing Emilee who is in Paris France on her mission
James the youngest keeping warm
Dan the original Apple guy
Mr and Mrs Floyd at Christmastime in St. George
Heather with Grandma and her Dad

Monday, December 18, 2017


Good advice to myself, no matter the day, month or season. This was a motto or resolution from past years that I still try to follow. The easy way out in any tense situation is to REACT-it's almost automatic, but the better way is to ACT. Think first before opening your MOUTH or interacting negatively. That may require applying the PAUSE BUTTON. Everyone's way of stopping them self is different. When STRESS starts to take hold and it will as the holiday season progresses and our expectations of our self and others are unrealistic. When stressed out, STOP-take a deep breath, pray, take a walk or my favorite way of redirecting and working through my emotions is to write daily in my journal or anytime I have problems to work out in my mind. I know this doesn't work for everyone but it's worth a try.

Examples: when someone is unkind to you in some way, your immediate reaction is to be unkind in return. Rather than TAKING THINGS PERSONALLY, let the unkind remark pass by you and don't feel the need to immediately DEFEND yourself or REACT with the same unkindness. NOT EASY BUT POSSIBLE. Tomorrow is another day to try is a PROCESS to learn from not just a destination. We can always IMPROVE and congratulate our self for making the effort to improve.