Sunday, January 22, 2017


On a peaeeful transition of power in our leadership. Congrats to those women and others who held a peaceful demonstration and march yesterday to express their views. That's what makes America great is the opportunity to demonstrate and by voting. Let's all pray for a united people who can accept one another with love and forgiveness and pray for our new president and his team whether or not we voted for him.

The end of one era and new beginnings in another day.
New scarf, trying to be!
Finished wooden name project.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Words of Wisdom from Daili Lama

At age 81, he shares his wisdom
As we approach our President Elect's inaugeration, many individuals are in extreme stress. The Daili Lams said he plans to meet with President-elect Trump after his inauguration and added that once in power, all presidents are forced to work with "reality," and "so I have no worries." America will always keep an "emphasis on liberty, democracy, rule of law," he said, and "the people elected now have the responsibility" to work together and will have to use "team work," since "America is a democracy and the power is divided."If, however, someone's confidence in the country's checks and balances is still failing them, His Holiness has some additional advice to help you stay happy, no matter what happens in the world around you.

I liked this ARTICLE today from CNN entitled Daili Lama:Five Things to Keep in Mind During the Next Four Years:

1. WORK ON COMPASSION and start by developing it for yourself. "Mainly," he said, feeling happy is largely about "your own mental attitude." If you remain someone who is "honest, truthful," about how you feel, you can find happiness "no matter what (the) surrounding situation." 

2. TAKE TIME TO THINK-meditate (or pray) Thinking more deeply, you start to realize, His Holiness said, that "nothing exists as (it) appears." 

3. ANGER BE GONE-If you do feel angry about the election, or any other circumstance, don't let it dominate your thoughts.

4. HELP OTHERS-"try to be of some service to others." If you can help others, then "no matter what (the) surrounding situation, you can keep (up your) self-confidence and happiness."

5. ACT LIKE A KID-Finally, be playful and childlike. Children, the Dalai Lama said are "very honest" and often accept people without judgment.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Sunlight and SHADOWS

Interestingly enough my hubby who complains of our always sunny weather here in the desert of Southern Utah complains about our lack of sunshine during our continuing rain storms.  How about giving a title to this photo of sunshine in our bedroom in a comment as a stimulus for a poem or short story?

Monday, January 9, 2017

Let it RAIN not SNOW....

We had one day of snow or kind of snow....hubby called it corn snow, somewhere icy rain bewteen sleet. But now it's changed to rain and we love it, but do miss the SUNSHINE!

Our palm tree is in shock but holding it's own...
Fun to see snow on our red tile roof
Our jeep is shivering out in the driveway cause the boat is in the garage.

Even the new barrel  cactus and road runner looks shocked.
No sitting around and enjoying the sunshine!

Weird snow not fluffy but little pellets.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Fun in the New Year

Well, my friend Caryn is back and out Wednesday excursions of talking, shopping and lunch continue. She's been gone for the holidays visiting families but now it's PLAYTIME!

Caryn's front door reflects hope for spring still many months off.
We found our favorite scrapbook place that had moved and had fun browsing.
What a fun place with all kinds of ideas to get your creative juices flowing.
Which pattern and color of paper would work for Caryn's next art project

Can Valentines be it's not!
I like this sign, I bought some small journal for $1 each for y next writing classs.
We are bundled up as it's cold 40 degrees out but no snow, rain tomorrow promised
A new store the WOOD CONNECTION, love those wooden letters to decorate
We are each going to sand, paint and collage our names for our office desks
Lots of clever ideas for signs for home and patio for every holiday!
WE could spend all day here, so fun to just look for new ideas.
Perfect ending to an afternoon of art shopping, Einstein Bagels-never eaten here...
Being a new customer, the clerk gave us both free bagels. Cranberry-yummy!

Friday, December 30, 2016


It's amazing how a blog can be like a diary recording your activities and thoughts with photos and words. I spent a few minutes reviewing my blog entries/posts for the past year and it was like reliving some of the good times...I made this list of monthly accomplishments:

Grandkids and Dan-Tina
JAN-genealogy research takes up lots of time in our cold weather.

FEB- Tour of Provo City Temple and time with family in Utah Valley, son Frank V's 50th birthday-I'm getting older.

MAR-Busy with Poetry in the Park and Redrock Writers Seminar, robins are nesting and two eggs soon to hatch.

APR-Busy with traveling to Utah State Poetry conference in SLC area and Mesquite Fine Arts Festival in Nevada.

l-r: Emilee and Heather
MAY-GRADUATION for twins and family reunion, lovely Mother's Day visit with son Jeff and his two kiddos.

JUNE-Summer heat is here, working on family history again, exercising-walking in the outdoor pool.

JULY-My birthday and fun trip to Cedar Mountains and to visit Sagers in Hatch, Utah.

AUG-Reading Julia Cameron's book -It's Never Too Late to Begin Again: Discovering Creativy and Meaning in Midlife and Beyond. I want to teach a class about this! Released from RS presidency-now I'll have more time to do other things.

 SEP-Grandparents day with James, Folk Dance scrapbook photos and visiting the twins-home from college.

OCT-Floyd sisters-hubby's daughters reunion, Caryn's back!

NOV-Thanksgiving at Dan's and Kanab trip for writers conference plus trip to North Rim of Grand Canyon and Coral Pink Sand Dunes.

DEC-Holidays-Dan's family visits on their way to Mexico for a family service project.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Looking back...

Today I spent quite a bit of time looking back at old memories captured on photos and stored in my dropbox file which is getting filled up. How fun to see earlier times and realize how many memories of family and nature's beauties were experienced.

Sunset on Great Salt Lake on the way to the SL Airport
Four years ago enjoying the new Salt Lake shopping mall
Trying to sell some of the five book I wrote-gave up on!
Enjoying a hike on the Virgin River Confluence Park
Appreciating the "stark beauty of our desert surroundings"
Exploring Snow Canyon park in St. George city area
Hubby is my chauffeur and designated guide on these excursions