Wednesday, July 30, 2014


What patience my hubby has as he un-peels not sticking paint.
Progress comes in small steps
by not giving up...continuing.
Learning to control self,
making mistakes, starting over.

Talk about labor intensive removing four layers of white paint
Time to report on projects begun,
learned from though...not completed.
Removing four layers of paint
on the boat because it won't stick.

You can do it, keep trying palm tree!
Watching the palm tree grow more
fronds reaching ever higher skyward,
tomato plants struggling,,,still alive
producing a small handful of fruit.

Weeks and months for a few homegrown tomatoes!
Failure's not stopping...pushing forward
ever forward. Looking back to learn,
not to sink into despair or self pity.
You're alive, tomorrow's promise awaits.

To be continued, not the end...

Monday, July 28, 2014

Dealing with CLUTTER

Amazing how CLUTTER develops from just one piece of paper on your desk, then another and another. Until you can't see the bottom of your desk for piles. Although you know where things are in the piles, it's a messy environment to work in. So after procrastinating for weeks to clear off my desk, I finally did and organized my computer area once more. Now to work on some projects I've put off: a collection of my original poetry is first!

First, I cleared off the stacks on my desk then dusted-amazing how messy.
Ah, an inviting work area just waiting for my input, but there is more to do! 
My side work area gained more piles as my desk emptied, next project!
Not to mention my craft desk, it's like moving piles, some of it must go!
Then there's my hubby's desk, he's not as messy as me, but working on it!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Article #402 Ask for Help

            In teaching others how to write their life story in classes over the years, it’s amazing the EXCUSES that people come up with for NOT tackling this task: no one is interested in my story, I can’t spell anything, I’m not a writer, etc. No one stops to think about possible BENEFITS capturing in words their experiences could be for their family. How I wish my dad who died at age 29 would have kept a journal of his life. I’d love to know his feelings about me-his firstborn. What were his hopes  for my future, etc. I would ask you: How can you be so selfish to NOT leave something for your family of your life and your hopes for your descendant’s future? Any words of wisdom to share with them?

            Next to my computer I have a folder with funeral information, suggestions for my obituary, program, etc. plus a letter to my family telling them of my love for each of them. Consider your life story as a GIFT to your descendents. If you need assistance with this process, ask for help. Surely there is someone in your extended family-a cousin, sibling, grandchild who loves to write and would take your simple notes, edit them into an enduring legacy to be passed down for decades. Your life story is also a place to gather your photos and preserve them.

            There are unlimited resources in our modern world to help with this process: books on the topic, Internet sites, computer software, community education classes, etc. All it takes is the DECISION on your part to go forward, to make your life story a PRIORITY before it’s too late. It’s more important than the quilt you are making or the daily golf game that fills many retirement days. A feeling of achievement can come as you look back on your accomplishments forgotten through the years. The greatest contribution you can make is your example and your love preserved for your family to read and reread. Resolve to do this starting today. Make time in your busy life for this task and ask for help.

            Here are some questions to get you started thinking. What was your biggest accomplishment in life? Describe challenges you had and how you overcame them. What does your family mean to you? Any advice for the rising generation? Pitfalls to look out for, things to be grateful for, etc.? NEXT TIME: Keep it Simple.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Pioneer Party

Our church held a pie and ice cream social yesterday to celebrate PIONEER DAY!
We had a great pioneer display of quilts, books and photos
You could come in Western or pioneer costume or whatever??
Our featured speaker talked of Jacob Hamblin-pioneer settler of St. George
We had over 100 people come and lots of pies and ice cream!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pioneer Day Again

July 24th, 1847 is the date the Mormon Pioneers entered Salt Lake valley to settle here. They had suffered religious persecution in Illinois and been driven out of state after state. In Utah, we celebrate this occasion as Pioneer Day. It's a big deal in my family as we have over 15 different families that come to Utah. has started a new service if you register for their free website and have Mormon pioneers they will link them to the Overland Trails site developed by BYU that has journal entries and other info on your pioneers. Here's a screen shot of what they found for me. Click photo below to enlarge. A few of my pioneers aren't listed but I have them on my family history website and have written many of their histories. I love all my ancestors but especially refer my pioneer progenitors.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Houses AGE Also...

The spout on our faucet broke off, here's a temporary repair job.
Good thing my hubby is skinny and knows how to fix plumbing.
Taking off the old faucet was a trick and labor intensive, also cleaning
out the stuff under the sink where we store our 72 hour water supply.
This was quite the job and took hours of labor to install after reading
all the instructions thoroughly, that's how an engineer fixes things!
Beautiful and new, only cost $120 for the faucet, zero for labor!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Increase Your VOCABULARY

As a writer and poet, I'm fascinated by words, and am always open to learn new words or better uses of words in my writing. I saw this chart on Facebook with feeling words, and was enthralled (new word for me) by it. Check it out and see if it helps you. Published by the Ohio Education Association. Here's a challenge, see if you can use a new to you word in a comment. Click on chart to enlarge and read it better. Good luck!