Friday, March 24, 2017

Spring Walk

Allen and I decided to tour nearby Tonaquint Park which has a new All Abilities Park, gardening spots, and bird sanctuary. We also walked along the Santa Clara River trail.

All Abilities park has playground, train and volcano!
Train goes through a tunnel and over a bridge around the park
New desert landscaping and walking paths are fun
Next door are small garden plots for rent: $30/year.
Notice all the shields from the sun in preparation for hot summers
Fun to see real trees again in the park area.
Spring daffodils are in full bloom
Love the sweet smells
So many blooms on this tree!
Notice all the pine cones, it's healthy!
On to the Nature Center-a bird sanctuary next to the Santa Clara River

Lots of birds gather here on their way north this time of year.
Every duck is looking for a mate this time of year
Interesting color....he stands out in the crowd
Always love swans, this one is alone, must has lost its mate.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

More Spring Break activities

We started the day with a demo of pioneer music
We got to be in the band and make music or noise and singalong
Daniel became the expert at playing a saw and making it sing.
He quite enjoyed all the!
Then it was off to the Red Hills Desert Garden to stroll around
Handmade with native plants from our St. George area

Beautiful Columbine bloom-it's definitely spring here.
Mormon or Brigham Tea was used by the pioneers for tea
Blooming time.
Lots of paths to explore and plants to learn about
Time to rest in the shade on this hanging swing-fun!
Looks like Mickey Mouse ears...this cactus!

Looking out over the city of St. George with LDS temple in white

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Family SPRING BREAK visit

This year my grandkids are on all different schedules as far as Spring Break goes. Emilee at BYU-Idaho doesn't have a break, but is out of school on April 8th, Heather-her sister's break is this weekend and the boys' Nathan and James breaks are next weekend. So my son Daniel brought Heather down to visit and enjoy our Spring weather. We spent Friday at Kayenta walking on the labyrinth and visiting art shops, then out for Chinese buffet food.

Note spiral designs that Daniel made in the center area

Friday, March 17, 2017

More fun shops...

One of our favorite shops in Santa Clara is Bodega which is completely Southerwestern decor. I never tire of window shopping because the prices are hefty but lots of color and ideas to be used. Didn't buy anything but loved looking!

Great paintings, pots and artifacts that say MEXICO!
Desert living and decor at it's best.
Fun plastic realistic looking flowers to decorate with
More plastic flowers made in China for Americans!
Even succulents look real...
cool flower and horse sculpture in back
decorative mirror in back is fancy
love these 3 D plaques on the wall
perfect color matches with pots, runner & basket
Some of these pots are huge and such fun colors
Yard art-clever wire and stone snakes-click to enlarge