Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Marketing Opportunities

Going after what you want isn't always easy
you're bound to receive some opposition
in the form of negative little voices trying
to sabotage your best efforts. It's not easy
to quiet this demons, but necessary in order
to go forward and seize new opportunities.

I had a display yesterday for four hours locally
publicizing my new class "Write your life story"
coming up in October. It was comfortable to
just sit there and ignore people walking by, but
instead I interacted with them by asking a question
"Are you interested in writing your life story?"

Some were, some not but it led to further talk
and interaction. The result=I had two individuals
register for my upcoming class and one person
even bought my latest book now on sale.
It has many helps to aid you in writing, editing and publishing.

Containing humorous parts of my life story
from my weekly Sr. Sampler columns as well as
suggestions on how to begin writing your bio
including questions to answer and tips, YOU can
order it now. Contact lin at sunrivertoday dot com.
Cost $10 plus shipping $3 in USA.