Thursday, January 31, 2013

Remembering Zentangle Art...

It's been since last Spring that I did Zentangle©
Inspired art class from my friend Caryn above

 Here's some of my latest drawings

 Practice from Spring 2012

 Dot explorations

 Working on braids-they are complex

A princess in waiting

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Just started an Art Journaling class taught by my friend Caryn
on Tuesday evening at the AHA! center, of course!
Samples coming...below are my latest SoulCollage cards:

 This card was made from old sheet music

I liked the look on this woman's face
I've written several poems from these cards

Monday, January 28, 2013

Article #231 Making a Difference

My friend who is the same age as me is worried that…after I’m gone, no one will remember me. It’s really quite a concern to her, which is amazing because she is so good at making friends and a difference in the lives of everyone she meets. Just waiting in line to checkout is an opportunity for this friend to get acquainted and take an interest in individuals near her by starting up a conversation. 

She is a shining example to me of a loving person who does make a difference even in strangers’ lives that she touches. Whether it is a brief but sincere compliment given unexpectedly or a question, she is always on the outlook for opportunities to build another’s self esteem and worth. Will she be missed when she’s gone? Definitely! She’s a snowbird and I always miss her companionship during the summer months. (Photos on right- my grandmother Alda Johnson who died in 1967 and her sister my great aunt Dora-below who died in the 1951. They both were important influences in my childhood and are not forgotten.)

Even those who aren’t outgoing and influential in others lives will be missed by those who knew them: a spouse, sibling, children or friend. My grand daughters are still missing their nana or great grandmother who died over five years ago. We all affect others that we interact with in our families and communities. Even the grouches or hermits will be missed. Perhaps because they never let others get close enough to build a relationship. That’s one of the few things we can take with us when our time comes. How many of us make that a priority as we go through our day? I dare say our grocery list or to do agenda gets more attention than taking time to reach out to others. 

A few more kind words of appreciation could certainly improve our world. This same friend of mine is able to look at anyone and find a compliment for that person. I hear her tell others, You have beautiful eye lashes or great hair or that’s a lovely color on you it makes your eyes so blue, etc. So here’s a challenge for today and everyday. Go about making a difference in individuals’ lives that you come in contact with, even those closest to you. Have you complimented your spouse or dear friend lately for little services or courtesies he or she gives to you? Others are in need of some appreciation or personal attention today. Take the risk, reach out and you’ll make a difference and not be forgotten. NEXT TIME: Serendipity

Sunday, January 27, 2013


I attended a loving memorial service for a friend's father
which got me to thinking more about life and families.
How transient we all are and how quickly we can vanish
moved to another sphere separated by invisible barriers.

What comfort it gives to me to know through my religious
beliefs that our spirit continues on while the body rests
in the grave or in this case cremated into ashes to be
sprinkled near his family's graves in New York.

He was 93 years old and had been married 68 years
with a large group of posterity who came to honor him
with their sweet songs, tears and memories of grandpa, dad
and a man of humor, integrity and honor. Richard Markham

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Touring St. George Utah

 Desert landscaping

Kayenta homes

More Kayenta homes

Interesting Cypress tree landscaping

Sometimes rocks above homes roll down on them

 Landscaping around a housing area

 Looking toward Snow Canyon

 Near Tuacahn

 62 degrees out today, lovely weather

Pine Valley mountains with snow

Friday, January 25, 2013

Valentine's is Coming

I love visiting my friend's Caryn's home
as she always decorates for holidays

A place for her jewelry

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Urban Renewal-a fun secondhand store to visit

 I love the combinations of colors

Want cowboy or vintage stuff-they have it!

 Modern decor also

 Lamps, candles, tables and more

 Even a smiling buddha

 Asian style decor

 Makes you want to redecorate your home...

 or your child's room or at least paint the walls

 Lots of unique lamps

 Used clothing too in all sizes, shoes too

A fun place to take photos

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

SoulCollage class

I'm at my third SoulCollage class and I'm learning more.
Meeting lots of fascinating women who are willing to share
their life's struggles with their collages as a stimulus.

My friend Caryn below is here also learning and doing.

Our teacher is Pat Major-photo below.

I'll share my "I am one who...." statements below with my
latest collage cards made at class last Saturday.

I crave the peace of nature and communion with the Spirit

I am one who loves my sons and posterity.
I long to communicate more with them.

I like to keep active, moving and progressing always.

I'm a pioneer in my own way.

I feel others' emotions as I interact with them.

I like to write about my feelings so I can understand me.

I believe eyes are a window to the soul.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Article #230 Meditation

Whatever stage of life you are in now, you probably long for a few quiet moments to relax and experience solitude. If your life is too busy, maybe it’s time to slow down and consider meditation. It’s a way to empty or clear your mind of thoughts so you can concentrate on just one thing deeply and carefully. If you’re on the treadmill of life rushing onward toward success and prestige, there’s little time to analyze where or what you are becoming. There are many ways to mediate.

Just taking time to examine your feelings and current situation in a diary can lower your blood pressure and stress. I find writing in my journal helps me clear my thoughts and reflect on my priorities and values. Quiet times need to be planned. Nature always relaxes me. Sunsets are a perfect time to go inward and examine your life. Daily prayer can be a healing practice that good for body and soul. Expressing your gratitude for blessings received, prayers answered or seeking to develop faith in a higher power is never wasted time.

Learning how to do yoga or tai chi can assist you in deep breathing and clearing out your mind and spirit in order to live more peacefully. It’s so important in the modern world of 24/7 newscasts that can fill your days to take timeout. Try listening to New Age or peaceful instrumental music instead of insipid TV programs and blaring commercials that demand too much of your attention.

Take a walk on a labyrinth. It’s sometimes called a walking meditation. There’s probably one in your community nearby. It’s a pattern of rocks that forms a circle for walking, a place of reflection and contemplation. When you begin the pattern, try to slow down your mind, clear out the strident inner voices so you can get in touch with your inner self. It can be a path of prayer and wisdom. As you walk, the pattern will take you to the center of the circle then back out to where you began. If you use this activity to center yourself, you will feel refreshed and renewed from taking this time to meditate. 

We have a lovely labyrinth in Kayenta called Desert Rose: a place of rest and renewal.  It was a favorite place for my visiting teenage grand daughters. We discussed how the path was similar to life. NEXT TIME: Making a Difference