Saturday, February 28, 2015

Visiting grandkids and family

Hanging out with Dan, Tina and family. Helping Dan edit his thesis. Tomorrow we'll see Jeff, Rachel and their family. It's snowing outside right now...

Dinner with family, daddy Daniel and son James snuggled together
Nathan is camera shy even when everyone piles in on him...
Grandma Lin and Heather waiting for our food at Applebees
Mom Tina and daughter Emilee smile for the camera
Nathan is caught unaware by the camera by his dad...
Heather and Emilee working on a quilt for poor families in Mexico

Heather is almost done with her service project-looking good!
James is very skilled with his ball game!
Emilee the cook makes grilled cheese sandwiches and soup for lunch.
Heather is ready for lunch with grandma and the cook Emilee.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Parade of Homes (cont.)

 More decor and details from Parade of Homes model in Sunriver...

I love the decorating touch, but it's not my style.
Classic and colorful
Mirror collage and not the fireplace flame design 
3D sculpture is a nice touch in gold colors
Beautiful but where is the toothpaste and brush?
Guest bedroom with 3D metal stars above the bed
Guest bathroom
Master bedroom, quite elegant
Master bathroom with huge shower and a view...walk in closet 
Master bathroom with double sinks
Empty desk and no clutter!
Office details...

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Local Parade of Homes

Sunriver where I live had its own Parade of Homes entry high on the hillside
Great views of the snow covered mountains nearby until your neighbor's home
is built and blocks your view. This is a fun private patio enclosed on all sides
Classy patio area with furniture I would want inside only...
View from the living room of the Sunriver development below.
Back patio for outdoor living-bbq and tables and a great view.
View from the front door is impressive any time of year.
Welcome to the great room with living, dining and kitchen areas all tg. 
Spacious kitchen is convenient to dining and entertainment areas.

Even the laundry room is classy, located next to kitchen and garage.
Living room gas fireplace is very attractive
Pantry has microwave and lots of storage area next to the kitchen
Art is everywhere and no clutter-yet!
Dining table looks inviting, love the color scheme in the house.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Surprise our rainstorm turned to snow overnight, this is our back patio.
Here's hoping we don't loose our green palm fronds again
At least I'm not in a covered wagon, but inside my heated house looking out.
It will soon melt and we desperately need the moisture!

Sunday, February 22, 2015


You don't realize how much you miss rain until you live in the desert. A day or two of rain is a treat, refreshing, soothing, healing. Although the opposite can be true, days without sunshine can be dreary and depressing for me. That's why I love living in the desert... What does RAIN represent to you. To me: it's soothing, growth producing, nourishment for my soil and soul!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Busy Day...

Getting my tile cleaned in the kitchen, dining room and hallways means moving lots of stuff. Feels like SPRING CLEANING...

Amazing how different the house feels when parts of it are emptied.
I think my house likes the attention and care... 
My kitchen is so much bigger without the small table and chairs.
Coming home from a church potluck dinner tonight, the sky is beautiful

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery

Last Saturday we drove to Mesquite Nevada about an hour's drive from our home in Southern Utah. Click photos to enlarge.
We traveled through 3 states to get to our destination, leaving Utah to Arizona.
After a few miles, we are in Nevada to Mesquite with its gambling casinos.
We came to the Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery and leave poetry workshop flyers.
I love browsing through the gallery of local artists, mostly retired locals.
I especially enjoyed the enlargements of photos so carefully composed.
Fun creative collage of natural materials found in the beautiful desert here.
Not sure how these lovely 3-D floral pieces were made.
Outdoor southwestern sculptures decorate the patio and walkway.
Closeups of the sculptures
Art is the signature of civilization is certainly true.