Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Zentangle Hobby

A class I'm taking from my BFF Caryn-so fun and relaxing!

Artistic outlets were RARE earlier in my former life,
a few poems now and then, a flyer or poster got designed,
a book cover or invitation; teaching dancing took over my days,
until motherhood and jobs to support my family entered.

Zentangle has come into my life now, a NEW hobby
to develop and EXPRESS my artistic talents long buried.
As a child I loved to doodle in abstract patterns
then life with its responsibilities entered with demands.

Now it's retirement time, space to develop ME after
a lifetime of mothering and being a supportive wife.
Me time is available without URGENT responsibilities.
I choose to write and doodle, design in pen and ink.

Peace flows as I concentrate, relax and let develop
artistic yearnings deep within, poems follow too.
satisfaction increases as blood pressure and sugar
levels lower. I am at peace. ZENTANGLE lives!


  1. Those are some very cool doodlings!

  2. I had never heard of that..but it's very pretty and I could see how your creative juices could flow while you do it..Hmmm...I like to doodle...

  3. I've been wanting to get back to doing some artwork, but can't seem to put it on my priority list right now. I love what you've done. How lovely to have Caryn teaching you how to be so expressive in a different, fun way.

  4. Hi Lin

    I'm in Washington City and was Googling Zentangle in St George when your blog popped up. Can't find an active email for you to send privately so will send this way.

    Is there someone in the area that teaches, I know you said you learned from a friend. I'd love to get together with others to learn more about Zentangling but as of yet haven't found anything nearby.

    Thanks for you help
    Love your Zentangles!