Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Time to ORDER my latest book

NATURE NOTES for KIDS by Lin Floyd, retired school librarian and teacher, is hot off the press and available for purchase. This 50 page bound paperback for children features 75 original poems and free verses with full color clipart of many creatures that live on our planet earth including: Insects, Bugs and More; Outdoors in Nature; Farm Animals; A Visit to the Zoo; Sea Creatures, and Looney Birds. There is even a section for children to add their own creative poetry and illustrations which can be emailed to the author for publication on her blog. Lin's six grandchildren's photos are featured on the front cover.

A perfect Christmas gift for children of all ages, buy now for only $15 plus $2 postage. Contact Lin directly or through PAYPAL with this email address: lin at sunrivertoday.com Postage is additional: $2 for the USA and $5 for International mailings. Encourage your little ones or grandchildren to discover the world of nature that surrounds them.