Monday, July 15, 2013

BOOK LAUNCH-Discover Your Voice After Divorce

Now available for $15 (plus $5 postage if mailed) 
through Paypal or contact author 435 (628-8522).
A Writing Workbook with guided questions for healing
and recovery from divorce or other losses.
See my blog interview about the book.

(for men and women)
  • What is Voice? Each of Us is Unique
  • Inner Voices-Silence Your Critics
  • Using Words-Power of Thoughts and Emotions
  • Journaling-Just the Beginning
  • Healing and Recovery-It's a Grieving Process
  • New Dreams-Anything is Possible
  • Fill Your Well-Make Time For You
  • Youth Worries-Am I At Fault?
  • Risking Again-Use Your Voice
  • Safety Zone-Expect Opposition
  • Act Don't React-Be an Observer
  • Finding Hope-Don't Give Up