Monday, July 15, 2013

BOOK LAUNCH-Discover Your Voice After Divorce

Now available for $15 (plus $5 postage if mailed) 
through Paypal or contact author 435 (628-8522).
A Writing Workbook with guided questions for healing
and recovery from divorce or other losses.
See my blog interview about the book.

(for men and women)
  • What is Voice? Each of Us is Unique
  • Inner Voices-Silence Your Critics
  • Using Words-Power of Thoughts and Emotions
  • Journaling-Just the Beginning
  • Healing and Recovery-It's a Grieving Process
  • New Dreams-Anything is Possible
  • Fill Your Well-Make Time For You
  • Youth Worries-Am I At Fault?
  • Risking Again-Use Your Voice
  • Safety Zone-Expect Opposition
  • Act Don't React-Be an Observer
  • Finding Hope-Don't Give Up


  1. Wonderful.. it's out!

    I like the title and the topic. Finding one's voice after the trauma of divorce.

    I also have a feeling it is a topic that would be meaningful for anyone who has had their voice 'silenced' in some way and need the encouragement and healing to find their voice again and set it free.

    Wishing you the best and may many be blessed for reading you new book, Lin.

  2. Nice cover and title. Couples divorcing, need encouraging reading material such as yours to help them heal. Best of luck with this book.

    Malinda Mitchell