Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Temporary Breakdown

Suddenly my computer went weird-
did things it's not suppose to do.
Panic feelings tried to engulf me,
but they do absolutely no good.

So, I turned off my computer, tried
to reboot it only to have it say some
strange things I didn't understand.
I, too, am like that at times-overloaded.

Time for me to push the pause
button-but where is it to be found?
Through tears and soul searching
I remembered what life's all about.

Good times, bad times, frustrations
and disappointments along with the
blessings and growth possible only
by continuing and never giving up.


  1. After caring for Gladys Osborne & cleaning her home throughout her illness, Roger gifted me with her computer after she passed on for being so helpful. I was so appreciative of it and since it was my very own first computer (Windows 95) I treasered it and I took good care of it for 5 years. Then one day I turned it on and nothing happened. It had finely died and since 95* I realized it had lasted so long because it was cared for by 2 ladies. This last April I purchased my new computer (a Windows 7). I thank God for this computer also, it now holds all my important files and I have enjoyed it so much.

    Keep caring for your it only needs tender loving care like we do,

  2. This was a great post Lin! Reminds me to pause on occasion, check out what is really going on with me and then regroup and carry on! I hope the computer is ok!

  3. When my computer was in repair for an entire week, I realized how much time I spend on it. I really missed it.
    I hope you figure out what the problem is...if it is a laptop, remove the battery for 20 minutes and then put it back together and reboot. Good luck, Lin!

  4. I hope your computer is OK...but well said...I need some time to pause and to reboot and charge my batteries....