Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pioneer Day in Utah

Each family has their own pioneers.
Those ancestors who came to this land
to build homes and to raise families.
Without them, we wouldn't be here.

Because of them, we have traditions
to follow and a heritage to remember.
I have many Mormon pioneers in my
family who immigrated to Utah.

In fact, I surprised myself by finding out
that most of my second great grandparents
with the exception of three individuals
were converts who immigrated to Utah.

Tell us about your ancestors and where they settled.
(Photos of my posterity-youngest son Jeff,
wife Rachel and their daughter Lorien.)


  1. Our family came from England to New England and down to PA. (husband's) I never learned about my own:)

  2. Mine came from Japan and moved to Hawaii. I love learning all the stories of their past lives.

  3. My paternal grandfather immigrated from Sweden as an infant. He lived in Minnesota before coming to Oregon. My maternal greatgrandfather came from Switzerland to California and eventually to Oregon. All of them made their living off of the land as farmers and loggers, driving teams of horses.
    I have been fortunate to visit the ancestral villages of both of these ancestors.

  4. Lorien is getting so big and is so beautiful Lin...My paternal grandparents came from England and Scotland..My maternal grandparents were first generation from England. Guess I am pretty English then...

  5. A wonderful poem with beautiful pictures, Lin. Thanks.

  6. My paternal grandparents were born in Ireland. Maternal roots...not so sure of!!I know my grandfather was from Burlington, Vermont. And my g'ma was partly German and English. A bit sketchier on details there.