Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Everyone needs a cheerleader!

One of my friends nominated me for the Utah State writer of the Year award given by the League of Utah Writers in September at their conference. I know I won't win, but it was lovely just to be nominated. Here's the copy of the letter my friend Pat wrote and submitted in my behalf. She couldn't use he or she as it was to be judged without names. Thanks Pat (in the photo below of our Writer's WORDshop on the right side.)

Occasionally a writer not only writes but is dedicated to leading other potential writers to the joy of creativity through poetry and prose. My nominee’s career began as an educator at the elementary level, moving to Community Education Coordinator and Teacher at Utah State University. However, after this person retired, they did not quit teaching.

I first met this energetic writer when I was invited to their home to join a group of aspiring writers learn more about the craft while sharing our work with each other. This person also encouraged the group to submit their work to magazines and newspapers, as well as to enter contests. Under this person’s leadership, we eventually published a book of free verse titled “Voices from the Desert,” which contained 67 original poems by the eight ladies in the group. Several writers from the group have gone on to win awards and prizes for their writing.

As a volunteer, this person’s work includes editing and producing newsletters, teaching classes on pioneer research and writing family histories, teaching “Creative Writing and Blogging” for a local computer club, and teaching “Internet Benefits for Writers” for the Heritage Writers Guild. Also, this person recently taught “Write our Life Story,” “Creative Blogging,” and “Write Yourself the Right Size” for Dixie State College Community Education Program.

As an avid journalist, this nominee writes delightful articles for the Sr. Sampler in our area. The clever stories never fail to bring a smile to the readers as we reflect on our own memories of a time before television and video games controlled our lives. A collection of the Sr. Sampler columns eventually became a skillfully self-published book titled “LOOKING BACK.”

If this person possesses one fault it is that they can’t say “no” when asked to teach, edit or volunteer in areas of community service. My nominee continues to write, to contribute writing to magazines and newspapers, and most of all to encourage others to write. Enclosed is a complete list of my nominee’s teaching and writing experiences. Thank you for your consideration.


  1. Wow. What a beautiful tribute to you, Lin. In a way, you've already "won" by having such a wonderful essay submitted on your behalf. I remember when one of my friends, years ago, lost her sister. She told me losing this particular sister was especially hard because "we all need someone who's on our side, no matter what." I doubt you have anyone who's NOT on your side, but you sure do have a better-than-average cheerleader.

  2. It would be nice to win but sometimes the nomination is more meaningful because it shows how your peers feel about you.


  3. That is so nice!! I agree with Linda that is is sweet without winning!

  4. I agree...being recognized is the best thing... winning isn't as important..but I guess it would be nice...