Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dream Conversations

Voices in dreams are sometimes negative,
but last night were positive and accepting.
I watched myself appreciated by others,
able to help them with major problems.

That was "me" as I want to be known,
assisting others in living their life better.
But sometimes I'm misunderstood and
criticized and want to disappear.

Whether as a parent, in-law or friend,
communication isn't always easy
unless both parties have unconditional
acceptance, openness and a listening ear.


  1. I agree with you! My dreams are generally weird, so if I had positive one...I'd call it success!!

  2. Well said, Lin. These are the challenges of being honest and true to people. Love is at the heart of what you do; we all know this!

    Sorry to hear about those cataracts.

  3. I don't usually have good dreams so I would be thrilled with that one...