Monday, December 8, 2008

Lessons Learned

Below is photo of a box with half of our completed booklets and the tools we used to fold them. We also borrowed a long arm stapler to secure them together-very labor intensive but fun as we worked together and talked for about 10 hrs. so far. Will finish the project this week.

1. Setting a specific goal (to publish) increases your own and a group's productivity.
2. Editing is never done, there are always some more errors to be found, but the process is more important that the product.
3. There is a lot of hidden talent out there after you convince women that they can write.
4. Critiquing other's poetry and your own is threatening, and needs to be done gently and with love.
5. Everyone has a story inside them wanting a voice but we all lack confidence.
6. Prayer helps all processes from teaching to publishing. We don't have to do it alone. Listen for inspiration.
7. We won't do this again, it was too much hard work and we aren't getting any younger.
8. Our next group project will be a program of oral poetry for our Relief Society groups in Spring 2009.
9. Time to relax and take a break from this project, enjoy the holidays then begin our Writer's WORDshop again in January 2009.
10. Hopefully we'll gather some new participants as we restudy our textbook Writing the Natural Way by Ricci.

PS Any one wanting a copy of our booklet VOICES from the DESERT, please send me $10 for copying and mailing costs, and your mailing address. Contact me by email- lin at sunrivertoday dot com for my mailing address.


  1. Glad you're making this available, Lin!

  2. Good for you, Lin. I know it will be worth your while.

  3. Lots of work coming to fruition

  4. I was hoping this would be available for sale. My check will be in Friday's mail for my copy, autographed please.

    I like your lessons learned list, very enlightening.