Friday, August 2, 2013

Article #255 Standards of Behavior

          It’s amazing how society’s standards change overtime gradually. I remember while in my teens a movie BLUE MOON  was rated R because it used the word seduced. That is so mild compared to the blatant sexuality in today PG-13 movies or even news reports on TV that are broadcasted into our homes. Should there be standards or rules?  I guess it all depends on what your goal is in raising children to be responsible citizens or wild reckless rebels with no standards. I know which society I’d rather live in.

            What is a standard? The Encarta Encyclopedia says…A level of quality or excellence attained by somebody or something that is accepted as the norm. Then the question comes…what is the NORM? It probably depends on the community or country where you reside as what is acceptable or not plus the family standards you accept and teach.

            Then there is the issue of acceptable language in public, especially with the name of deity. Some individuals relish profanity in language as freedom of expression. I have had several conversations with people whose verbal communication has offended me. I’ve tried to point out how their use of certain words affected me. All that I’ve spoken to were respectful and after my explanation have modified their expressions while in my presence. I certainly appreciate that sensitivity. At first, I thought others would be offended, but for most people swearing is just an automatic habit they’ve picked up from friends or family.

            The current equal rights battle is a PUZZLEMENT. Even our Supreme Court isn’t clear on what is true or fair. Yes, no one should be judged by their choice of life style, but do we want to teach that alternate partnerships are acceptable and normal for our society? At the current time it is causing a huge divide among those advocating an alternative life style, and those wanting to preserve traditional marriage. I can see both sides’ views, but it seems to me what is missing is the child’s viewpoint. The confusion in his/her mind depending on their family background: being raised within a traditional marriage or in a same sex partnership.

            I feel for the children as they try to make their way in a confused society WITHOUT standards to guide them. There needs to be more understanding and respect between diverse groups and unconditional acceptance for each other’s differences without imposing one’s own particular life style to society as being the only way. NEXT TIME: Morality.


Sandy Carlson said...

All kinds of imposing going on out there. I remember being at an airport last year, and a guy representing Dollar General was using the ugliest of profanities over and over again. I didn't say anything but should have. You are right that we shouldn't be silenced from the debate about standards just because one group or faction is particularly boisterious in its expression.

Kay said...

Standards are so different everywhere. People don't always teach their children standards that are fair or kind. Many teach prejudices that are handed down from generation to generation. I guess I think standards have to be re-evaluated all the time.

That said, I don't like much of what I see in movies these days. The horrible violence and oversexed themes are awful.