Saturday, August 31, 2013

Touch Drawing Class

I tried another new ART THERAPY class this week
called Touch Drawing-it's an interesting process:
On a particle board you put several dabs of water based paint.
Next spread it out smoothly all over the board.
Then you place a piece of plain tissue paper on top.
Now you are ready to draw with your fingers and hands.
You can do designs or make faces and embellish afterwards.
It's amazing to draw a face even with your eyes closed.
Afterwards you can add color or lines-whatever.
This is one of the instructor's (Pat) faces. 
The same drawing but the opposite side of the paper.
Each face drawing that Pat did had a different emotion.
The next thing to do is journal about your drawings.
Becky Cox is the teacher who introduced this art form.
More classes available at AHA Artful Healing Academy.


  1. That is really amazing. I will have to look into this.

    Thanks for the book!

  2. I agree! This is amazing! It looks like a lot of fun too.