Monday, August 26, 2013

AGING poem

Photo from
by Lin Floyd

Oh––to be young again,
but not to struggle
as I once did.

Without experience,
the journey was difficult.
Full of ruts and false starts.

With age, I look back
seeing the detours
that led no where.

Experience came with
a heavy price––precious time
never to be recovered.

Now memories of those
side trips bring me wisdom,
though, there's limited time left to use it.

Will other younger family members
listen as I try to share my journey?
Soon, I won’t be here to speak my truths. 


  1. I like the line 'memories of those side trips bring me wisdom'...

    There seems to be a theme today... I wrote about side trips too.

    Do your younger family members listen? Maybe they don't now, but because you've been putting your stories into books and here on your blog, they will have it for years to come.

  2. This really spoke to me. Will they listen. Unfortunately, they most likely are in denial and won't listen.

  3. I think every generation end up making their own mistakes. It would be nice if they would learn from ours. You may not be here forever, Lin, but your words and photos will live on.

  4. It does seem a waste that wisdom comes only on old age. But we all learn along the way, in our own way.
    Well done on this poem, Lin.

  5. Sending you respect for your wisdom, kind lady!

  6. Loved it and definitely could identify with the content and theme.