Saturday, June 16, 2012

The heat is on...

Deadlines are coming for my original movie
I must admit it's fun and creative but also nerve
racking as fear tries to play its part-what if
it doesn't work, your computer won't work or
the sound isn't loud enough. It's all I can do to
shut off those voices so I can work on this
project. Then there are other projects waiting
in line...teaching a write your story!

It's getting hotter outside and the heat is definitely
on inside-I feel the pressure mounting. Interesting
how deadlines motivate us to do our work more
effectively or at least spend more time on it. Today
I got a rude phone call from a reader of my column.
I had written about single parenting from my point
of view and he criticized me for implying that men
couldn't be a good single parent. I didn't say that...

Talk about taking things personally. We all can
have chips on our shoulders-become defensive
by others words, when we misinterpret them.
I became defensive by his comments that most
women single parents are dirt balls living off
government welfare. I realize that this person
has a personal agenda he was putting forth by
phoning me to argue, just glad I'm married.


Linda Reeder said...

I guess the good to take from that is that he read your column, even if he didn't read it well.

SandyCarlson said...

Amazing how our reading comprehension skills decline as our emotions rise. It's too bad.

mom/caryn said...

Leave it to Sandy to come up with such a concise decription of what apparently happened here...
I think that's your first disgruntled reader, isn't it? And after how many articles? Not6 bad, my friend... not bad at all.