Sunday, June 10, 2012

Article #200 Purpose of Life

              No, this isn’t a discussion of religion or politics. I’ll let the preachers and candidates do that! I’ll focus on discussing the why of life or a reason for living. In our modern society, many people are depressed and some are suicidal because of a lack of meaning in their daily life. There are many different philosophies, religions and ethnic groups in the world that are divided in their answers of why man is here on earth. Whether you believe we evolved from the sea creatures crawling onto land or were created by divine providence, your purpose in being here has to be a major consideration that motivates all that you do––that makes life worth living or just meaningless.

            I believe life revolves around the opportunity for each of us to become more perfect during this time we live together as a family here on earth. You are born to a mother and hopefully a father that teach you values and traditions to guide your life. Most parents welcome, nurture and teach their little ones to find their way in life, develop a unique personality and individual talents.
        As a young child, you are excited about the possibilities for your future. The world is a fascinating creative place to explore. Gradually as you grow and start attending school you’ll experience difficulties, meet up with your first failures and bullies. You will start to doubt your self worth, although your family is still there backing you and hopefully giving you unconditional love.

            After the struggles as a teenager to find yourself, comes the time of becoming an adult. You feel stirrings within to find a mate and create a family. Thus the age old cycle continues as you begin again to nurture your own little ones. Hoping their lives will be better than yours, you teach and prepare them to be happy and find fulfillment as an adult. There is a divine or instinctual sense that you are born with that continues this cycle of individual birth and families.

            If our society is able to destroy the inherent differences between male and female roles, then who knows what the future will look like or what purpose other than self-gratification will motivate us.  Freedom to choose is an important responsibility to teach your little ones, but it isn’t license to do whatever you want to do at someone else’s expense. NEXT TIME: Finding Your Path

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