Friday, December 3, 2010


Raised as an only child, I've always wondered,
what would it be like to have a sister or brother?
Dear friends sometimes seem close enough
to be part of your own family, yet they're not.

I'll never know what it's like to be a sister either.
It's common roots and memories of the past
that draw people together. Cousins can be close,
we share the same grandparents and history.

Then there are those sisters who are far apart.
Different as night and day and perhaps through
arguments or grudges they are as distant as
strangers rarely speaking or expressing love.

I know some sisters like is too short
to let walls be built between us and loved ones.
It happens either because others won't open up
or won't forgive and forget. What a waste...

(My mom was close to her sisters as was my grandma.)


  1. The first thing that popped into my head when I read the title of your posting is that "sisters" song from the old Bing Cosby movie White Christmas. Especially the rendition when Bing and Danny Kaye roll up their pants and do the part!

    (Of course I loved the dresses those Hanes sisters wore in that movie).

    I have two sisters... love them dearly.

    Mmmm... maybe you have a 'sister' in Caryn?

  2. I wish my granddaughter didn't have to be an only child. I would love for her to be a sister, too. Sigh...

  3. Great post! Some people take their blessings for granted while others can only dream of what it would be like to have the same blessings in their own life.
    I am close to my sisters. We've had our disagreements, but thankfully we know better than to let anything get in the way of our relationships with each other!

  4. Oh so very true. I have one sister who is ten years younger than I and we are so very, very close. Two other sisters have chosen to "step outside" of our family. It is sad and we have all tried to breakthrough whatever walls they have up but no go. It hurts my dear mother so...I do have a best friend who I love as if she were my sister as well.

  5. I have a sister and i love her so much .
    I am taking a break from blogger for sometime ,will be back as soon as possible.
    My regards.

  6. My sister and I are very different and didn't get along as well when we were younger, probably because I got put into the parent role, but I love her so much and love talking with her about the past...