Tuesday, December 21, 2010


My friend Caryn is so CREATIVE and we had a FUN time the other day making FLOWER PINS. It's really quite EASY and QUICK to make them once you have ALL the various materials assembled. You need some polyester and heavier fabric, decorative buttons, scissors, needle and thread, and that most important tool: a glue gun plus an electric fire starter to burn the edges of the polyester material so the flower petals will curl up.

Assembling the fabric and tools

Choosing the fabric and layers

Creating the base of the flower by gathering one edge

Adding layers of circles and curling the edges
Note Caryn's inventive flower necklace!

Gluing the layers together, adding a decorative button
then a pin clasp in back for the finished product.
It took less that 20 minutes to make a complete pin.
Of course, Caryn is an expert at making them...