Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas is Early

My friend Caryn and her hubby Wayne arrived yesterday.
With all their boxes and belongings to stay for 5-6 months.
An early Christmas gift, my dear friend living so close.
We can interact daily and do things together all four of us!

Double dates, dinner dates plus some time just for girls
to share secrets, go shopping and just talk, talk, and talk.
HURRAH! I can't believe the blessing of having a best friend
so near. It's been years since we lived in the same place.

What do I like about Caryn? She listens, she cares, she shares.
Is a good example to me of openness, aliveness and adventure.
We like the same things-exploring, creating, listening and
asking deep questions of the soul. Welcome-snow birds!

My goal is to get Caryn back blogging to share her wisdom
with all of us. She doesn't think she's a writer but she is!
Definitely has a way with words and communicating with others.
A special gift of empathy, interest and charity is who she is.

And she is so talented. See her sculpture she made...more coming.


  1. You are lucky to have a best friend so close. Enjoy your time together.

  2. I am envious. I wish I had all my friends close by. I left so many of them behind in Illinois. Caryn is definitely a great writer. She is also very thoughtful and wise. I miss her in the blogosphere.

  3. have fun mom! sounds great..xx

  4. How wonderful.... enjoy the early Christmas gift of your friends near by........ say hi to Caryn.... we hope you'll be successful in showing her how much we miss her in blogland.

  5. Caryn is an extremely talented writer. I wouldn't say that if I didn't know it was true. And the sculpture? Amazing!

  6. I miss Caryn's wisdom and beautifully crafted words. But how fortunate for you to have her nearby.

  7. I too enjoyed Caryn's blog very much. I am so happy that you all are going to be spending time together...

  8. This is such good news for all of us and especially for you. Good 'girl'friends are rare.