Sunday, October 12, 2008


Well, it happened to me, finally...
I can think of nothing to blog about
Oh no, and here my blogging friend
Leona just publicized my great blog
That's life for you isn't it, everytime?

Nothing, let's meditate on nothing
Actually that opens up a whole world
Of how did I get there?
Thinking of nothing, then everything
Suddenly appeared or came to my mind

My world is so full and busy that's
It's hard sometimes to just pause
And take it all in, and analyze what
Is going on-diabetes diagnosis, diet,
Exercising more, writing always

Guess that sums up where I am today!
What's happening with you? Nothing?


  1. Well... let's see.

    Cordell should be here in about an hour. That's kind of a biggie. I can't wait to see his handsome face and listen to him ramble on about the women in his life, his new job opportunity, whether or not he should sell his Lexus, his new apartment, biblical Hebrew, the writings of Herman Hesse...and whatever else pops into his mind. He's just such fun to listen to.

    We went to a wedding in Layton last night and I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am that we went. I was the ONLY member of the bride's side of the family that was there. Even her grandparents didn't attend. There was a very elderly couple there that just made my heart smile. She was in a wheelchair. He grabbed the arm rests, and began to dance with her, pushing her chair around the floor. He'd spin the chair and then chase after it before it hit an onlooker. She'd look up at him and laugh...they held each others gaze throughout most of the dance, and the light in their eyes when they smiled at one another was a beautiful, beautiful sight to see. It was one of the sweetest moments I remember in a long time. That alone was worth the two hour drive to Layton for the wedding. The bride was truly lovely, and she's not an attractive girl. But, she certainly was last night. She nearly took my breath away when I first saw her.

    Other than that, not much is going on. Nothing?? No thing? mmmmm... not quite that bland. But, nothing that would excite crowds. After Cordell takes his leave, things will be mighty dull, I'm sure. But, that's okay. I kind of like laying low now and then.

  2. May nothing provide you a time of relaxation!

  3. You blog beautifully..even about nothing....maybe you need time to cope with your diagnosis. It kind of makes you take a step back when you hear that something is going to change the way you have been living..

  4. My diagnosis was pre-diabetes, with the strong recommendation that I get myself into a class on nutrition. I went online and found a good carbo counting site, so I can look up my typical foods. As soon as I finish the leftover chocolate cake from this weekend, I'll get serious about it!
    As for having nothing to say, I decided when that happenes, that's what aai should say - nothing. So you will not see daily blogs from me. I have given myself permission to do as I please.

  5. i think, that happens to a lot of bloggers/writers. just need to do nothing and it'll come back:)

  6. Wish I had a magic wand to wave and get us through the 'nothing' times. No! I take that back,without those times of lack there would be no appreciation for the times of abundance. I find that if I methodically work my way through the down times or if I endure through the ones I cannot work out, I am better because of it.

    At first,I fought against it and tried to 'make' something happen - that didn't work well. So, instead of fighting it, I go with the flow. That works better for me since it causes me to reflect on things I would otherwise overlook.