Monday, October 27, 2008

Nothing Yet

It's Monday and another new week
Many thoughts are racing through my mind
Today's a Writer's Wordshop meeting
We shall work on putting our book together
What a task, but very creative
Organizing words into a presentation
On paper of free verses and poems
Centered around the theme
Voices from the Desert...wish me luck
Photo below of our pot luck lunch. 


  1. Chandi and I are sending GOOD LUCK and blowing kisses out into the Universe to send lots of positive vibes in your direction. I'm sure it will be a HIT!!!! I'm just proud as all heck of you for keeping your Writer's Wordshop going and gathering eveyone's free verse into book form. WAY TO GO, LIN!!! RAH!!!

  2. I'm sending best wishes to you and your writers.

  3. Good for you for keeping good things going. I'm sure that it will be a successful day.

  4. That looks like a fun team! Good luck with what you're doing!

  5. Lovely photo. I'm sure the workshop session went extremely well.

  6. Are you getting the book edited and critiqued? This is very important. Good Luck with your project. It is so much fun to do.

    I had fun when I self-ublished mine :)

  7. You can actually eat outside and it wasn't too cold. I have to come to is so cold here...You don't need luck have talent..