Sunday, October 26, 2008

Discovering the world

without sugar is very interesting. As I'm adjusting to my diagnosis as a diabetic type 2, I have all these conversations going on in my head about SUGAR. We celebrate with sugar, we reward with sugar, we rot our teeth with sugar, we entertain with sugar, we get fat eating sugar, we drink sugar in our pop...the world revolves around sugar. At least you are so much more aware of it when you are limited in eating sugar. 

Take IHOP-International House of Pancakes where we went for a family birthday breakfast. (See family photo above.) Try having a pancake without maple syrup. Well I was very good at IHOP, I had hash browns, fried eggs, bacon and toast with just butter. No hot chocolate for me, I drank cold milk.

I am exploring the world of fake sugar...splenda, here I come. There's always diet drinks and pepsi one so instead of sugar you can have chemicals...water here I come, but then they say our water is filled with drugs from people dumping their extra prescription pills down the toilet. It's quite the world we live in and food that we choose to buy, cook or eat out is a daily struggle or challenge. Oh yes, I'm joining weight watchers to encourage me to eat less. Wish me luck! Check out a new blog buddy Sylvia over the hill. Love that name!


  1. Oh Lin..I am so sorry about this. I have used splenda and is does well even in baking...I visited your blog buddy ....Michelle

  2. I'm also Type 2 and have had to do finger pricks to discover what is bad for me. Pancakes without sugar are also bad for me. Carbs are bad for me. My favorite noodle soup is very bad for me. Sigh... I eat much more veggies these days and more whole grain. It's amazing how much weight you start to lose if you do that and .... oh.... here's that nagging word from my husband....exercise.

  3. It is amazing how food is so much a part of everything. And the commercials on tv don't help the situation. I also have used Splenda for quite a while. Good luck. One day at a time.
    Keep us posted on all that you discover as you change your eating habits. It might help us, too.

  4. i will always take eggs, bacon and hasbrowns over flapjacks any day, every day...oh, wait...I do!

  5. The world does indeed revolve around sugar and the sugar high it brings. Sorta silly, really. Too bad it tastes so darn good. As an example of how we can take things that are basically good for us, and go out of our way to make them BAD for us... we had tempura battered veggies for dinner tonight. And they were tasty, I might add. But, then Chandi and I decided to fry up some apple slices, which we did...then we took the hot apples out of the oil and rolled them in cinnamon sugar. REALLY yummy! Mini baked apples.

    I for one would rather have an omelet for breakfast than pancakes. So that one could be dealth with.

    Water being contaminated by prescription pills being dumped down the toilet?? Oh, well. Who wants to drink toilet water anyway? EEEuuwww!!

    I bet I'm not making you feel one bit better about this, am I?

    Weight Watchers is ALWAYS a good idea!

  6. I love sugar, but this love has not caught up with me yet. I like to bake and have had the awful situation of baking for people who can't have what I've made because of this allergy. Such a shame.