Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Creativity and Compromise

Well this publishing project for my Writer's WORDshop is proving to be a great learning experience as we have eight different writers in our group with varying degrees of experience with computers, writing and editing skills trying to work together. It reminds me a group of dancers trying to perform together while trying not to step on each other's toes. I'm trying to guide them all while keeping an overall view of what needs to be accomplished for a pleasing final performance. I want everyone to feel valued and successful which is a tricky task for me as choreographer or editor. I feel the process is more important than the finished product but still want a wonderful collection of our writing work together. 

We will have about fifty half pages divided into five areas: Nature, Family, Gospel, Humor-Miscellaneous and Self Reflections. The overall title is Voices from the Desert. It's a monumental task to gather all the poems on my computer and format them to the area alloted and calls for some collaborative editing of lines that are too long, and some deleting of excess poems, etc. We hope to have the finished project sometime before Christmas. The booklet will need to be copied, cut, collated and bound. We're thinking of making about 300+ copies to give one to each woman in the three branches of our Relief Society organization. Now is that ambitious or not?


  1. Hi Lin,

    Just bumped into your site for the first time.... glad to 'meet' a fellow writer.

    I'm interested in writing as well, and created my blog to develop a more regular habit of writing. I've been enjoying it...and staying on track!

    I have been looking for other writing bloggers to connect with and share inspiration.

    So... I look forward to future visits with you. All the best for a beautiful day!


  2. I can't wait... are you going to save me a copy?

    This really is quite an undertaking, Lin. But, one thing I know for sure is that you're equal to the task. It's going to be really exciting to hold that little book in your hand when it's completed!

  3. Wow..that is a huge project Lin. I would love to see the finished product...

  4. The collaborative process can be so rewarding: the synthesis of idea can be more fully worked out. Also, having a good editor, its more than important ... its essential. Behind every great writer is an equally great editor.

  5. Good for you Lin. I know the finished product will be amazing.

  6. That sounds like a big project, Lin. Editing and laying out copy can be challenging. I find that they are actually one in the same and when it comes down to making a thing fit in the 11th hour and clinging to that one line that makes a piece not fit, the is suddenly unimportant! Interesting, the connection between content and design.

  7. This is a huge undertaking, you will do it though. Once you make up your mind, there's no stopping you.Way to go, Lin.