Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Creation Stories

Well, I'm taking another Rock Art class and finding it fascinating. Tonight we talked about creation stories shown in rock art panels in our area probably made by the Anasazi Indians. It's amazing how close they follow the standard Christian stories. Mother Earth was visited by Sun Father and gave birth to twin sons-Monster slayer and Born for Water. (The symbols on the left are from a Fremont rock art panel in Utah. The spiral symbol can represent migration from the spirit world to earth or to the next life.)

From Wikipedia...A creation myth is a supernatural mytho-religious story or explanation that describes the beginnings of humanity, earth, life, and the universe (cosmogony), usually as a deliberate act of "creation" by one or more deities. Many creation myths share broadly similar themes. Common motifs include the fractionation of the things of the world from a primordial chaos; the separation of the mother and father gods; land emerging from an infinite and timeless ocean; or creation out of nothing. I find it strangely comforting that other cultures feel the need to explain their beginnings for that gives our lives now meaning.

There is more to read and study about this topic whatever your religion or beliefs.


  1. I love that rock art panel. But then I'm fascinated with anything that has to do with Native Americans and their beliefs. The class sounds interesting.

  2. I am like Carla..I am very interested in Native American culture even though I am afraid that much in being lost by a generation of people that associate Natives with casino gambling..

  3. waiting for my chiropractor, i read the June National Geographic article on Stonehenge (and was grateful the doc was running late). But there was this good comment about stones and wood. Stone represent male and death, and wood representing women and life. You'll have to read it .. I don't want to mis speak.

    But it was very fascinating.

  4. I was looking at land with a client today and found myself completely spellbound with her stories of the creation according to Native American and Polynesian cultures, and Biblical Hebrew. She's working on her doctorate at George Wyeth Univeristy in Cedar City and the woman is brilliant! I have great regrets about not trying to attend some classes there when the opportunity was riper. The older I get, the more I want to devour books on a wide variety of topics. Unfortunately, the older I get, the faster my eyelids slam shut when I read.

    I am always so pleased and proud of your unquenchable thirst for knowledge, Lin. If keeps you lively, interesting, and creative.

    By the way... On a totally unrelated note. Wayne and I are going to the Drive-In movies this week-end to see "Forever Strong" I know I have to have some Pacific Island blood coursing through my ancestry. That does relate to the film.

  5. Another interesting, fun, fact-filled post Lin. We can always count on you to bring us something fresh. Keep them coming, I'll keep learning - from you.