Monday, October 13, 2008

Chocolate Ice Cream

Hey there is justice in the world, those with diabetes can eat ice cream. Just discovered Breyers Triple Chocolate ice cream with NO sugar added. Try giving up chocolate for the rest of your life and see how that makes you feel. Well, I had to learn more about who makes this ice cream.

(From their website) Breyers Ice Cream informally began as a company in 1866 when William A. Breyer of Philadelphia made his first gallon of hand-cranked ice cream consisting of cream, pure cane sugar, fresh fruits, nuts and other natural flavors. Breyer opened his first retail ice cream shop in 1882. In 1896, 30 years after Breyer made his first gallon of ice cream, his family set up its first wholesale manufacturing plant. William Breyer’s son Henry W. Breyer, Sr. incorporated the business in 1908. He added the "Pledge of Purity" to every package of Breyers Ice Cream as his personal guarantee that Breyers was to use the highest quality, all natural ingredients available. 

How many of you remember making ice cream in the good old days at home with a hand cranked ice cream churn, rock salt and blocks of ice using cream and fresh fruits such as peaches or strawberries? Some of my ancestors had the added duty of cutting blocks of ice from a frozen lake in the wintertime in order to make ice cream. Nothing was easy in those days. Tell us about your ice cream memories.


  1. Good morning Hap!

    Wayne's family is obsessed with ice cream...well, in the interest of complete disclosure, so was my father. I like it okay, but it's not my first choice for dessert.

    His brother still has an old hand crank ice cream maker because he insists it makes creamier ice cream than the electric ones currently on the market. I have to say, he does make some pretty good stuff with that old. It just takes so long and is such work. We always manage to get the kids to do the cranking, though. I also seem to rememebr having my children do something with pint milk bottles to make it, but I can't remember what we did now.

    My dad had a blue bowl that was his ice cream dish and no one ever used it for anything else. It held about two thirds of a half gallon of ice cream and that's what he'd eat...every night. His favorite was pistachio nut with hot fudge and more nuts. Wayne's favorite used to be maple nut, but he could care less what flavor it is, as long as there's lots of it. When I eat it (not often) I prefer burnt almond fudge or anything fruity. Oh, and the BEST is Farr's grape ambrosia. It's almost like a sherbet with a creamy texture.

    That's about it for my thoughts on ice cream. I will add how happy I am that you found something rich and chocolaty that you can enjoy! I know that Rocky Mountain Chocolates, Mrs Cavenaugh's and See's all have a line of sugar free chocolates. I can testify to how good Mrs Cavenaugh's and Rocky Mountain's are. yum!! We'd all be better off eating those.

  2. well, at least if I got diabetes I don't have to sweat missing ice cream...don't like it. but so glad for you that you found some,.

  3. My favorite ice cream memory is from summers at the cabin. My Dad would go into town to do the shopping and the laundry and if my sis and I were good, we could get an ice cream. I wonder if he knows how special that memory is...I am going to tell him..

  4. Thanks for being a good consumer and taking us into US history, culture, and culinary pleasure.

    This reads like a page from Yankee magazine when it was at its best.

    Thanks, Lin.

  5. Oh yaaa! You found the ice cream. That's great! And, there's more to come, after you check with your doctor. My mom uses (ok'd by her doctor) Splenda, makes cakes, pies, everything with it. I've tasted them and they're not bad at all. The treats certainly satisfy her sweet-tooth.

    I remember the crank ice cream makers, those were some of the best of times.The ice cream was sooooo delicious!

  6. Ice cream making memories? We've got lots of them in our home! Our family loves ice cream...churning out a new recipe at least once a week! Sometimes we love the flavor - sometimes we have to try again! But it's always a sad day if our freezer is ever empty of ice cream...but we quickly remedy that problem and make some more!

  7. My son and hubby are obsessed with ice cream. No sugar added has been around for awhile with ice cream as well with chocolate and other good candies.