Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Well, the long awaited Senior Games are in full swing. Took some photos of the Archery meet. This is their first year to have archery in the Utah games and my hubby (in photo above) was in charge of the Recurve Bow Division as compared to the Compound Bow Division. They are different kinds of bows. He did a great job and everything ran very smoothly. Last night we had a banquet to celebrate and today is the last day of his event. Then it's time for him to relax! The weather has been lovely in the 60s and sunny. Photos below of men and women archers all over 50. Some in their late 70s. Way to go Senior Citizens....


  1. It looks like fun. We had a little wind so I imagine the competition was pretty intense. It should be lovely and calm today.

  2. ljsbhHey! Those are women out there on that field. Why is it that your hubby hasn't taught you the fine art of archery? That could be you out there shooting the arrows "I know not where" Isn't that the line from some poem? "I shot an arrow into the air. It landed..., but I know not where." or something like that. I can just invision your calloused little fingertips as you learned this new skill.

    Looks like he enjoyed himself. I still wish he'd have competed and don't think I understand why he didn't. Will he be competing next year? I'm sure he'll be involved in the planning and running of the
    archery meets again.

    Weather looks GREAT!!! It's been warm and wonderful here the last couple of days as well. We're expecting lots of sunshine and temps in the 60's all week. Nice!!

  3. Is that you handsome hubby in the photo? Archery, the only gym class I ever took and enjoyed. I took it in college.

  4. Ah, life is good! Wonderful shots, Lin.