Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Anyone can write

Got some great ideas for Christmas gifts for my grandkids from Tery's blog The Write Way. I checked out Bare Books which offers blank gameboards, puzzles, journals, books, plastic crayons and a variety of imaginative tools to help a child become creative and write or design their own materials. Check them out, prices aren't bad and I recieved my order within a week. I love to give presents that encourage my grandkids to be creative artistically and with the written word.

It's interesting that anyone can write and there are times in our lives when words seem so close and the only means of expression. My husband who is very quiet, wrote some beautiful poems and letters while we were courting that I treasure. Here's one I'll share with you. His poems even rhyme-mine don't. His gift was an Indian wedding vase shown in the photo below.

A gift to remember
This cherished day.
A symbol of our union
In a potter's clay.

May it always remind you
Of our lives so new.
May it always bring thoughts
Of my love for you.

Your loving husband always,

When was the last time you wrote a poem or free verse expressing your thoughts or received one?


  1. My husband wrote me two poems early in our marriage and my daughter used to wrote stories and poetry which I treasure....Beautiful poem and gift from your hubby...

  2. That is a beautiful poem. I tend to rhyme, too with poems, but only written one poem.

    Yes, Bare Books are very reliable with their shipping. :)

  3. Uhhhhmmmmmm.......High school! Although I did write some pretty fun letters and a very quirky, fake newspaper when I was in I am having a moment and for the life of me can't remember how to spell it. Neither looks right to me. Hmmmmm....

    Anyway, I will check out the booke site. Sounds like fun.

  4. Oh wow, Lin! That is absolutely beautiful. His love is clearly evident in his poem to you. It's something to cherish forever.

  5. I used to give Bare Books to my students as Holiday presents and they were always well received.

  6. Uhhh... last time I wrote a poem for someone I love? hmmm...never.
    I don't think... but, now and then I'll write something and you'll say how much you liked my "poem".. so maybe I have.
    I sure as heck never wrote anything like Allen did, though!
    Thanks for sharing. He's a deep well, that one!

  7. Aaaaaaah!!! This is so sweet. When quite men open up, there is much to hear if we would simply listen.