Saturday, June 1, 2013


Soon going to have naturally curly hair again
as my husband says after my beauty salon visits
What's so permanent about  your perms? But
I have naturally straight hair, now thin and stringy.

Not pretty, so a few curls here and there help
in my daily routine and especially with the pool.
Yes I've returned to exercising slowly as my knee
feels better. Doing water yoga and seated exercise.

With my stomach flu and an attempt to return
to exercising, I'm losing weight-it feels good!
But it's a constant vigil and process of self
control, diligence and determination. Hurrah!


Rambling Woods said...

I am sorry that you have been ill.. I hope you feel better soon and regain all your strength... My hair is naturally red.. LOL... hugs.. Michelle

Sandy Carlson said...

I am sorry you were sick, but I'm glad you found the up side of the situation. You are beautiful!

Linda Reeder said...

We just keep trying, despite setbacks.

gremhog said...

And altho my hair isn't naturally curly, it's got amazing wave/curl so I must straighten it if I want that look...oh we mortals! Never satisfied. Plus I have a LOT of hair so when it grows untamed (by my hair stylist) I am a bush.