Tuesday, June 18, 2013

On to Colorado

Leaving Northern NM, following the Rio Grande River

Soon we are in higher elevations

A stop for lunch in an old soda fountain cafe. 

Allen's grandparents had a cash register just like this.

A true antique in San Luis, Colorado!

Rocky Mountains high...this is Colorado

Gorgeous Great Sand Dunes National Monument

Lots of sand to explore and hike, if you have time.

I love mountains and it's going to rain!

Reminds me of Utah's mountains!

Snow is melting fast now that summer is here.

By the side of the road-waterfalls.

Gushing water running everywhere...

We are high in the sky, going over the Continental Divide!

All streams on one side drain to the Pacific and

on the other side to the Mississippi River.

Up and over, heading to Aspen, Colorado.

Love those fluffy clouds and vast open spaces.


Jean said...

You saw some grand landscapes on your trip. Just beautiful.

Linda Reeder said...

We have driven over Independence Pass, between Leadville and Aspen, but it was in September. No snow, but still beautiful up there with all of those fourteeners.

Kay said...

Wow! These are spectacular photos!