Friday, June 1, 2012

Visiting Caryn again...

 I love her remodeled kitchen

 It is so carefully decorated everywhere...

Notice the colors of the dishes and their placement.

 A new creation in her hallway.

 A mirror and harp table with half books and half vase-very clever.

That's me taking a photo of us in the mirror!

Caryn lives in the country-what a fun shed!

 These sheep are really lawn mowers!

 More barn art by Caryn.

 She has quite a green thumb and flowers are everywhere.

Her front door clementis.

 Real flowers in her window box

Hubby Wayne made a horse swing for the grandkids.

Real nests and fake birds decorate her house inside.

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  1. Caryn is such an artistic, creative person and her home certainly shows that.