Friday, June 22, 2012

Skywatch Friday

Westman Islands, Iceland
by Lin Floyd

Clouds move quickly as moods change,
this sea can be treacherous for fisherman
with no choice but to load their boats and leave.
It's their livelihood, their support,
all that they know and have done for centuries.
Prayers of their loved ones go with them. 


snapperoni said...

Never pictured Iceland like this, it's a beautiful photo!

Have a nice weekend!

Liza said...

Beautifully captured. Happy sky watching.

My Sky.

Amy Jarecki said...

Hi Lin - Lovely poem. I blogged about Leaving a Legacy today.

Thank you for teaching the class yesterday. I hope the Hospice group embraces this wonderful opportunity to leave a legacy.


Kavita said...

Gorgeous sky .

My World Tuesday said...

I have often wondered about this life. The Scottish singer and song writer Andy Stewart sings about these men with passion and poetry. I wonder what the art does to feel the gaps created by life itself.