Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fictionalizing Worries

I've discovered lately it's easy for your mind to get carried away; fictionalize REALITY as you worry needlessly over this or that. For instance...yesterday I had to renew my DRIVER'S LICENSE. No problem you say except that a year or so ago my opthomologist who couldn't be accused of optimism told me I had cataracts forming.

That was enough to put me in SEVERE STRESS, so at his suggestion I was to make an appointment. WITHIN the next year when I had problems seeing to have laser SURGERY. Try that worry on for size. He assured me that I would NEED this type of treatment WHEN I had vision problems. So I, waited then made an appointment with an eye specialist; and started worrying.

Finally the day for the exam with a locally noted eye doctor occurred. The NEW specialist told me I DIDN'T need immediate surgery-it was my decision when I was bothered by my eyes ENOUGH. Somehow I expected this new doctor to make that decision for me, but NO he didn't.

The only problem I have is with reading up close and he gave me new glasses with a STRONGER prescription. So it's been a year now. Enter the villain-the eye exam to have my driver's license renewed. Add the scenario if I don't get my renewal, I'll have to have hubby driveme everywhere and will become totally DEPENDENT on him.

I can almost think up a catchy title for this fictional story BUT it didn't happen-only in my MIND which was very creatively going BESERK! I went to the drivers license office, passed the exam with flying colors, got my renewal and still am in limbo about my EYE PROBLEMS???Worry is such a constant in all of our lives-it should be given a better name.


  1. I am glad you passed your eye exam.

    Doctors are funny people these days. They have authority; they do not have authority. Seems they take on the job of giving us information and that's about it.

    Every time I hear a TV ad telling me which color of pill to ask my doctor for and then all the crippling side effects I might experience if I have the condition that causes me to ask for the pill the doctor might write a script for, I feel like the ads are a bigger pain than any condition they might describe.

    Which always leads to the life insurance ad.....

    Good luck with the eye docs!

  2. I'm guilty, too, of creating amazing fiction with my worries. Nine times out of ten, the non-fiction outcome is much less stressful.

  3. I worry all the time, too. It's very annoying, isn't it? So glad you can put off that decision a bit longer. But, don't be afraid to have the surgery. I remember when my mother had it years ago and her vision really improved. Hang in there!