Thursday, June 21, 2012

Doors open and some close

 CHANGE is inevitable whether we want it or not.
Each new day brings different CHALLENGES to us.
If we try to stay STUCK in one position, it won't work.
Flexibility and openness, creativity help us THRIVE.

I decided against NEVER entering a poetry contest
since last time when my 26 entries won NOTHING.
This time I SUBMITTED 4 poems for publishing
that won awards in 2011 and also 3 cover PHOTOS.

Always FUN to try something different, develop new 
interests to give VARIETY. Now I've made an i-movie
I think I'll take a webpage making class at DXATC.
I LOVE to learn and study new topics-it's a challenge!

You haven't FAILED, if you keep TRYING!


  1. Your posts are always inspiring to me, this one particularly so.

  2. So true! I have gone through some pretty bad slumps but nothing ever will happen if I don't keep trying!

  3. Super! I a teaching myself to use, and I am determined to turn my blog into a book for my daughter. So much to learn. It is a lot of fun!