Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Article #202 Good Old Fashioned Fun

            When was the last time, you had some good old fashioned fun? Or maybe that is something that doesn’t exist any more? Does life always seem difficult, full of challenges, trials, and lots of stress? Exactly why we need to make room for and create some old fashioned fun. Looking back on my childhood days, some of the best times I remember were really quite simple: talking to a grandparent, going fishing or on a picnic, playing a game or putting together a puzzle. No electronic gadgets were required, just time dedicated to simple family fun. It’s also called recreation because it helps us re-create ourselves by engaging in enjoyable activities.

            Nowadays any free time stolen from our busy lives is spent tied to the boob tube-television, videos or computer games where interaction is limited and conversations non-existent. Try going without electricity for at least one hour a week and get reacquainted with one another, no matter your age. Instead of texting, look others in the eye and become aware of their body language as you try to connect one on one. It might come in handy in case of an unexpected disaster that could happen if our electrical grid goes down or a hurricane or earthquake occurs.

            Many families have 72-hour disaster kits which should include games or equipment as simple as a ball to keep the family amused while they try to cope with a stressful situation. Maybe you are already in the midst of a personal disaster and need some family recreation and fun. Not on Facebook or in a text or tweet, but one on one interaction and activities. Are we too busy to talk to one another?

            Whatever happened to old fashioned fun like taffy pulls, playing marbles or tiddly winks, taking a picnic or a hike, fishing, baking together, cooking, cleaning up, sewing dresses or doll clothes, having a tea party, crafts, painting, sharing a hobby-coin or stamp collecting, playing jacks or board games, writing a story, reading a book, doing a service for someone-mowing their lawn or just doing the laundry together? Sit down with your family whether it’s just you or you and a spouse or a group of individuals or roommates living together. Make a list of fun things you could do, then go do one. Include some physical activities like walking and talking. It will do your soul and soles good. NEXT TIME: Conversation Skills

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  1. Hmmmm... old fashioned fun? Now that's a novel idea. I think I'm due for one. :-)