Wednesday, January 19, 2011


We were excited to go to the dedication of the airport and live about seven miles away in Sunriver by Exit 2 on I-15. However, it took us 2 hours of bumper to bumper traffic to get to our destination because of the 2 mph rate that cars were moving on the Southern parkway.

Since the weather was sunny and warmer we persisted to our destination but many participants got discouraged and returned home without seeing the new airport. I wrote a little something to express my frustration:

Blue Angels fly over the airport for it's dedication.
It’s a slow processional as long lines of cars crawl
toward the new airport hoping to get there before
dark descends on our beloved city of St. George.

It's the dedication and open house of our long awaited
new airport bringing progress and linking us by jets
to the outside world and new business. For now we're
stuck in a massive traffic jam wondering when and if
we'll get a glimpse of the terminal or its parking lot
At 2 miles/hour we could walk there much faster...


  1. So sorry you got stuck in that traffic jam. It's frustrating. The new airport is wonderful though.

  2. Amazing, Lin. I am sorry you got stuck--but thanks for the pix!

  3. Obviously it was a popular event. Is it time to fly somewhere?

  4. with progression there comes frustration.

  5. Sorry about the traffic, but the scenery is just