Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hubby's new HOBBY

My husband has taken up pool
not the wading kind but the
pool table in our community center.
I'm thrilled-a new fun hobby for him.

I have a gazillion hobbies I do
like: writing, photography, blogging,
card making, poetry, teaching, and
genealogy just to name a few.

I like to travel anywhere, visit family,
hike and explore rock art, shop,
eat out, talk to friends and just
enjoy this retirement time forever.

After years of parenting, working,
serving and struggling with issues,
it's delightful to have ME time to
explore my talents and interests.

What are your favorite hobbies?


  1. That's great he has a hobby. I love watching men play pool.

    My hobbies are like yours. I love reading, too.

  2. Pool sounds like a lot of fun. I'm very bad at that. I guess blogging is my most fun hobby right now.

  3. I love shooting pool. I met your son playing pool. Oh and if you were wondering, I beat him :).. we have a pool table at home now.. Hakan loves it..

  4. I seem to be keeping so busy doing the things I like lately that the days are just flying by: photography, blogging, reading, TV, exercise, walking, sewing, politics, facebook, birdwatching, and on and on.

  5. well Lin..thanks to you, my new pastime is my family history..I have spent hours looking for info...interesting and addictive...